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my other life saving band

so out of mega extream curiosity, does anyone on here listen to EVE 6? there my otger live saving band. im wantin to go see them with the girl im talking to now on ther fall tour. you guys should check them out if you havent heard them yet. :)

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progress for once. i think

so today at my therapy, i told my therapist about the fight, and we both agreed the black out part was a scary thing that worried us. (ive inly had two apointments with her) and we talked about my friendship with this kid. and then she asked me why im depressed and anxious (she said ahe grees with.tjat by the way i sit. [legs tightly crossed, sleves covering my hands, holding my knees, twitchy] and that she wants to help with that) if i enjoy having so much fun and i thought about it and told her (granted my body language went from relaxed to tense) that im only like that with people. thats all i could think of. but ive never been able to answer that till today. she also askec when this started and i told her after elementry school. when i lost all my friends because of everyone suden changes in intrest. and mine was the odd one out. i told her about the girl who got me back my social life by just talking to sme and letting me in a group. and i never took time to think of all of this.

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you can tell ive never been in a fight.

Oww. oww... owwwwwww. It hurts to type becuse aperently i cant throw a punch to save my life. This girl got pissed at me and my buddys and is spreading rummers about us (Sexual assault, harassment, making fun of her dead mother. Shit we would never do!), and her little brother came up to my friend (Hes freshmen, my buddys a senior, but he was taller than my bro.) and started asking about it, and my buddy just brushed it off. Well, on this kids way back this kid thought it would be ok to hit my buddy in the face. Needless to say i jumped over the table and drilled him in the face. wrongly. So my fist kinda hurts. It ended with me and my bro fighting with this girls brother and his friend. I have noooooo fucking clue how im not in the office in trouble right now. Normaly i would have stayed out or stuck to breaking it up, but this kids my best friend. He is my brother.

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My dream for tonight. .___.

Me: You know, if you got me the Phant-o-matic guitar, id be so happy id be willing to blow up the white house
UPS man- Package for a Mr. Barnett.
Me: OHHHH! YAY! *opens it* ERMERGERD! PHANT-O-MATIC GUITAR! who the hell is it from? *Reads pacage* From Obama. A note? "For the love of god do it"........ Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Obama got me a guitar to blow up the white house.

Fade away and I wake up.

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SONOFABITCH! I was drinking coffee and I got a tet as I was taking a drink and I laughed, spilling coffee on my shirt and about five hours later theres still a stain. FAAAAAAAAAACK! friend wanted a pic of me because she hasent seen me sense we where in like elementary school and she was amazed on my supposed change from "Nice" to "Emo". I shit you not this is the exact picture. I don't even know! Maybe I shouldn't have burnt ALL my polos. That would have maybe kept that short encounter from going to bad in less than thirty seconds...

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Im making food, because im a six teen year old boy who eats, and I couldent find anything, so I took a biscuit and tore it and half and stuck it in the toaster. (Im sure you all see where this is going now) and got some chease out to put on it. well, I was able to get one half out, and when I went to get the other I couldent grab it so I go to grab a fork. Half way to the toaster I was when every bad idea ive ever had flashed in my mind, and none where as dumb as this. But I really wanted my food. So I grab a knife and ended up using that.

To future Joe: Treat your future wife or husband well, they have to watch over your dumb ass.

Past Joe.

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home of the wrolds most awkward bathroom

Thats my school boys and girls. I went in between classes to go take a piss, wash my hands, and fix my eyeliner (In that order) and only got to the first two. I was in the middle of washing my hands when a kid rushs in and starts punching shit trying to look hard (I know this kid, trust me) and he just stands in the stall. Wait, lets back up. The bathroom has to of the floor to chest height urinals that are connected and have no door thing between them and one stall with no door. ok, anyways, so im still washing my hands, about to fix my eyeliner, and then two more guys walk in. There's a general rule at my school, dont fix makeup at school unless your a girl. I didn't care about doing it in front of the other kid, but these two would be dumb founded. So one goes to the urinal and does his thing, the other stands where the stall wall comes out, and the third is still standing in the stall staring at a piece of shit in the toilet trying to act bad. And im just washing my hands.

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So ive came to the conclusion,

I have officialy decided i am not eating meat anymore. I just cant. So i geuss im going vegetarian. Ive only told one person about it, and she asked why, and i dont think she thinks im serius. I just cant eat meat anymore because everytime i do, i picture one of the animals my sister used to keep. It bothers me. So everytime i eat chicken, i imagine all of her birds, if i have pork of some kind, i picture the little pig we had at one point. beef, think of cows. Fish, well, the fish where my thing. Everytime i try to eat it anymore i get sick to my stomach. I just cant win, and i never really cared for meet anyways, its always greasy and chewy no matter where my family went. I havent told my family because im not sure how seriusly theyll take me. (I come from a very, eat meat, love god, and vote red family.

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"If it wasent for the fact your my ride, id kick your ass!"

So ill be the first to admit, im all for joking around at expense of something, my number one rule is take a joke yourself. Im cool with anything being said about me, no matter what it is, and thats why i will say anything, about anyone. But theres always a line. Im the kid that walks around in an old torn pure black jacket, wears a black and blue rocker glove, eyeliner, always wearing band mech, (your basic punk style) and im very openly bi. and im proud of all of it. But lately my friend has been dogging on me pretty hard. At first he didnt give a shit, but now that hes chasing after some girl, whenever shes around thats the only thing he jokes about. Im not sure if hes doing it to impress her or if its starting to bother him. Shes always around and the one night we did hang out he didnt say shit about it, (It also never comes up in band, where shes not around) so thats why i think that.

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Check... Check... Check. lol, nope.

So ive gotten over my most recent anxious bout and now im back to doing what ive always wanted. DANCE MUSIC! I still need a drum machine and a synthesizer, but after that im all set! (Outside of lights, music programs, a computer, and live equpment, and speakers. the speakers are important) But i can get some simple stuf down without all that right? My biggest dream is to work with DeadMau5. I love his music and its so fun. And daft punk becasue there FUCKING EDM ICONS! Its funny because people look at me as some punk rocker and think, he plays bass guitar or some shit like that, and then when the lights are off, im truley more like, EVERYTHING MUST GLOW! I NEED MORE BASS DRUMS! JUMP FUCKAS JUMP! LISTEN TO ME PLAY THIS! IM NO FUCKING BUTTER PUSHER I MUST KEEP PLAYING! but im glad im "Back" to "Normal". Im sure ill be back to planet earth in three days and level with everyone else, and then i dont know where that will go. BUT I MUST MAKE PROGRESS!