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oh fuck! my attractiveness meter just fucking exploded!!!

Yea, if i could just go back in time to where i.would have a chance with Joan Jett, that'd be great.

saw these guys live

Yea, so I got to see these guys live and i metioned it forever ago, but never got to posting anything about them, so heres my favorit song by them. The intros the main reason why i love it so much.

A bullet my have a name, but a grenades to whom it may concern

So, im not sure where that came from, but its just a nice little saying. I have prom coming up, and all my friends want me to go, my mom wants me to, but i dont want to. I hate formality, and dances, and just things like that. Im an after party person. So I told them that ill ask someone, but if it dosent work, we drop it. So i decided, if im going to risk going, might as well make it worth it, and ask someone i like even thought theres a like, solid 110% theyll say no.

My sass brothers birthday!

So the only other person ive seen who can be as sassy as me has a special day today, If you guessed a birthday, YOUR RIGHT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEE! I WILL HUG YOU WHEN I MEET YOU AT ONE OF MY CONCERTS SOMEDAY!


ok, Im an english and history person, I will more than happily recite parts of a book and talk about it and talk about where we would been if things in history happened differently than they did. So I see fibre optics as, Fibre, a source of food or a food supplement, and optic, vision related. HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS GET INVOLVED WITH TALKING ON A TELEPHONE! I THINK LITERAL EATING WITH YOUR EYES! Now i have to make a "Fibre Optics for dummies" pamphlet for my class. Its like asking me to speak fluent mandarin and teach it, I CANT DO IT!

Shit faced sunday

So, about the time people started waking up, i was up from saturday and starting to drink. It was one of those weekends. Lets say i finished off everything I was able to get in the house off in an hour. So from three to four I was drinking, but I was beyond shit faced. And my stubborn ass had to prove that no matter how much I had, i would make it up till five. So i proved my buddy wrong in two areas. One, he said It was so late that if we drank wed get two into it and pass out of exhaustion, and that I would not last till five. So I had like, six beers in an hour, and was still up at five.

Possible Green Day or MCR song guitar (And smaller chance) vocal cover

So im contemplating doing a guitar cover for a Green Day or MCR song for you guys, the ones that would be easiest for me would be NaNaNa, Im Not Ok(I Promise)[Hard because I play rhythm and cant get that solo and its one note for pretty much the whole song] Teenagers, Holiday, Brain Stew, American Idiot, or pretty much any Green Days old music. So if any of you would like to throw something out for me, just say. OR challenge me a little and pick something from bands i dont talk about much to, I want to try some new things. Just give me something to do.

I swear thats not mine, lulz

So I have, this, like, rash thing on my arm, and its a little itchy. And im sitting in class reading off the interwebs, and i started bleeding and now i got blood all over the lap top. And i dont even care. Opps

Dam it, lost my middle finger.

So I was going to give blood today in this years school drive, and I went in and filled out the question sheet, and then I go back and the lady starts cleaning my finger to test my blood, and she sterilizes my ring finger, and then she ends up pricking my middle finger that she didn't wipe down at all. I just kinda stared at it and was like uhhhhh. And then they start reading through my answers and she sees I was in Juvie for the week, so THEN she tells me I can't after pricking the wrong finger. Why would you not check for iron levels after checking the questions?


Ok guys, your prank.started a year ago.and you still haven't just realized your parnking us. Just admit it and tour conventional weapon so i can finally see you live!