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Why so many guitars?

so heres a little mini rant kinda thing, Why do these big time guitarist run around and have one guitar for each song? Ive watched guitarist with eight guitars and they perform maybe nine songs, and ive seen the other end of the scale of walking out with one guitar and playing a whole fucking albums worth of music. I could understand bringing out three guitars at the most. A drop D, a standard tuning, and an acoustic if needed.. But like my friends dad, he has six guitars and takes them to all of his gigs, but all of his songs are straight power chords all in the same tuning, but he switches every song, and has them all set to sound the same. This is where my personal beliefs come in, but the worlds best guitarist have one guitar and they play that guitar with emotion for the guitar. Thats why i name everyone i play, Mine, The schools bass guitar, and my friends who i use when i perform because his works.

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lil sisters all grown up!

so im hanging out watching dark shadows with my sister last night, and she had a friend who posted a pic of her with a huka and my sister ask what that is, so i explain it and then she shocked the shit out of me and tells me she would want to try that. threw me off so much my response didnt even male sense to me but its all i could think to say and im like weed or tobaccoo? she is aperently compleatly ok with weed now. after about a year ago her things shed snitch on was:Weed, Acid, and/ Heroin. now shes telling me she wants to try Weed, alcohol, cigs, black and milds, lighter hulcigens (shrooms specificaly) and she springs all this on me and im like, WTF?! but im cool with her tagging along, so i told her, my whole groups ok with you and whoever if you guys feep safe and pay fpr your part, than we see it as the more the marryier. and before people start thinking, "OMG! NOW HES GIVING IT TO CHILDREN!

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bands: how the fuck do they do it?

So two things. Today I had pep band, so I played some bass guitar, and I came home and went straight to the food and pop. But I had some like salty and powdered cheese covered bread sticks, on my fingers after playing bass for three and a half hours. But after rinsing my hands, I thought, how do bands do it? There all fucking built. There's no scrawny or obesse rick stars, there all buff dudes, it's like what the hell!? Where do you get the time to work out if your always touring, and all I want to do after performing, I just want to eat, and drink a whole fridge of beer and pop, sane with everyone else I asked. So don't they kinda counteract if they got the chance to work out? Idk, if I was performing everynight is have to be crane lifted on stage from all the beer and pizza, and maybe drink 24/7. Idfk. Just wondering

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blues brothers quote

so im just going to say one thing, the following quote is almost spot on to exactly my life this verry night.
"Its one hundred twenty-six miles to Chicogo, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigerrtts, its dark out, and im wearing sunglasses. Hit it!"

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so as i sit with my sisters dog outside waiting for it to do his thing and having a quick smoke, i realize, if my parents saw what i say on here, i would be COMPLEATLY fucked. this is the one place i feel safe enough to share my secrets and storys that would land me in trouble. from the drug storys, all the way to my rants. and its good for me to have a safe place to get things off my chest, and you guys listen and share with me if i need help, and thats why i love all of you guys! thank you all so much!!! <3

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of all things, this is why i go to hell?

Ok, so let me start out by saying im going to write this conversation as a script. thats all im going to say before i start.

Scott: So how good is the stuff your getting?
Me: Idk, i havent tried it, but storm says its good.
Jake: Hey guys, i did some thinking, im not playing a spring sport, so i wont get tested, Im in!
girls from other table: *Gives dirty looks*
Me: *At stuck up bitches* GET SOME!
My table: extremely loud laughter

Ok, i have no clue how it got to where it did, so fast forward

Me: Yea, you can get prescription condoms.
Kyle,Jake,Jasmine: How the fuck do you know that?
Scott: What can you get them for?
Jake: Just go to the doctor and say "HEY DOCK! I NEED SOME CONDOMS!"
Me: You get them for having a high sperm count. I have two friends with that.
Jasmine and Jake: How do you know this?!

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i got it!

ive learned the secret to playing guitar in an emo and or pop punk band! WHEN IN DOUBT, PLAY STRAIGHT FIVE SEVEN POWER CHORDS FAST AND REPETIVILY! i should go to sleep now befpre i.make myself look any dumber

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3 2 1 i came to suck!

Well, happy sad news. The place I was going to play, the guy who set us up wouldn't let us play because he saw my wrist wrapped and said " I don't want someone who can't play sucking in my shop" and I got pissed because I went through a whole ducking day stretching and vending the Shit out of my wrist, so we talked a little pawn shop like place into letting us play across the street from the origenal place. I sounded pretty shifty, and got flipped off because I didn't know a song I was asked to play. We fucking improvise! We've yet to start writing it down. But we where asked if we had any songs out by a group of kids passing, so were now 100% sure we want to do this. So I called up the girl my buddy said played bass and asked her to come work with us. Lots of hope in this. The shop owner ask what we call the two if us and we came up with kill your television. I wanted it because of the song from beds atomic dustbin, and he just thought it sounded cool.

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when all else fails

So I fell at my buddy's who I've been playing guitar while he plays drums and he said he could hook up his dad to let us play at his work. It's a little corner coffee shop. Very nice place. But anyways, I fell on my wrist and sprained it or something. But I can't physically bend it enough to play. I asked (my guitar hero :3) frankie for some advice because I don't want to bail. We've spent a whole half a month setting up an area to play, and were both looking forward to it. Our first chance to play for people. I need advice before tomorrow, anyone?

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SARAH SHALL LIVE!!! I'm taking her in to the music store about five min from my house and having the fret fixed and there going to see what they can do about the pic ups. And best of all, it's on the cheaper end of fixes! And to go with all this, I'll be able to afford a new amp to replace my old one!And i had the chance to play guitar while my buddy was on drums, and he knows a girl who plays bass, so were going to start a band! WOOOO!!!!