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Guitar help advice and life update

OK, so this is a two part post. First let me start with no one take this as spamming, OK, just saying for anyone in need to give this a shot. I recently found myself in extream need of a guitar tuner. I searched for a tuner wanting to find the one I used for the talent show hoping 1. I could find it and 2. It was free. Witch apparently its easy to find and free! So I got it. With some exploration of it I found it has not only a tuner, but small mini games to help learn and memorize open guitar chords, (no guitar needed, great and fun on the go) and a metronome that's pretty good.

Im not dead, but just as boring, so why not.

1. I constantly have gun in my mouth
2. I still use my sleeves when i have a runny nose. (Gross but if you had the sinuses i do you'd understand.)
3. I have to sleep with some kind of light on.

1. I drink my coffee black
2. I already supply everything except for my house for myself at the age of 17. (And my cigarettes.).
3. Im not sure. That one maybe?

1. go to New York and pay respects at Ground Zero
2. Get a band and start touring
3. maybe start skating again, motivational speaking. idk.



WOO! My buddys taking me to a grad party to perform magic with him and im getting paid! so Im learning his whole show tonight and perform it tomorrow as his assistant. MONEY MONEY MONNNNEEEEEY!

Best part of my week, day by day

Ok, so today I got what will hopefully be the second best news of the week. (Maybe third, depends if i make up my mind on some things. Or fourth if my buddys can stop fighting.) But today while waiting in a informational meeting for bowling next year my probation officer stopped by, and she didnt even talked to me. Just told the principle that if i show up everyday for the next five days of school, IM OFF PROBATION! Witch also means, IM GOING TO BUNBURY MUSIC FESTIVAL AND SEEING PARAMORE AND FOB!

Missing Knuckle. If found please return!

Ok, so Im a rhythem guitarist who plays punk style. This translates to playing a lot of eighth notes fast, and with a do or die attitude (Personal Touch.) so even in practice im a little all out. Well, normaly if I drop my pick, I have one near by and can grab it quickly until I finish working my run and grab it after. Well I dropped my pick and had none near by, so I think, Ill just play with my hand but I hate using my nails, so i decide to use my knuckle. After a half hour run of practice on what i was working on, I have 0 skin on my knuckle... So kids, take this as a lesson.

101 ways to fuck up a show!

SOOO talent show tonight. Fun time. I played Holiday by green day. Song I play DAILY! DAILY! And today my buddy handed me his guitar just to look at it, Squire Bullet, never played one, loved it. Huge distortion. So i asked if i could use it.(1) So I show up with this guitar with my amp and my band director whos running the show tells me to use another kids amp.

Field Comander try outs

Well, concert last night. Did great in jazz band except my fingers where covered in sweat on my second solo so it was a little BLEH. Now the fun stuff starts. MARCHING BAND. gonna be a senior next year. Fuck.

Thank you for the venom tee shirt!

Got my Thank You for the Venom (Favorite song, had to get it) tee shirt yesterday! ITS FUCKING AMAZING! IT SO SOFT AND THE CD! OMG MAY DEATH NEVER STOP YOU MOVIE WAS FUCKING GREAT! And I finaly got to listen to fake your death, didnt expect a ballad, didnt hear much about it so assumed it was a up beat tempo, opening piano chords almost as fucking great as Welcome to the Black Parades opening piano note! Im not big on ballads, but dear god it was great!

For people who think tubas are boring

I do this regularly, and in the two seasons ive been doing this, We've had one fuck up, and that was because the kid stopped and didnt back out afterwards. We have a sorta goal/game, you go faster and faster and closer and closer until the other feels to scared to keep going. No percussion to keep us in beat, just pure fucking hope we dont die. And this isn't something you can practice, you just kinda gotta do it. Its actually a great practice for keeping rhythm and working on not wanting to go to fast for any of you tuba players who are trying to keep on tempo on your ballads.

Down Days

Well, todays a pretty crappy day for some reason. Friends are dramatic as hell and arguing over stupid shit and I still couldn't give a fuck less. Classes are boring as fuck, even band. Just feeling like everyones only talent at this school is complaining about every fucking thing that happens. The only person whose made any sense at all today is the girl I sorta like, and she didn't even tell me anything new that i didn't know.