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Ok, read the below link before going on. Very short read.

Ok, now that this has been read, I would love to know why the hell the thought of something that seemed like it was so much to him is now sounding like enhh. He makes it sound like it was just something to kill the time, not something that was what made me flush pills, throw away knifes, and keep my belt around my waist and not my neck!!! TO SAY THEY SAVED MY LIFE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT DAM IT!

Failing 101: For the Lossers

Ok, so this is going to end mid chapter, but thats because I get limeted chances to post this, like this is my first that i had both internet and my laptop. (No way in HELL im typing this on a phone word for word. Love you guys, but i wouldent do that to save my guitars. And your only .00000000000000000000001 percent away from tieing with those. Sorry, still love you, not sorry.) So HERE WE GO! ENJOY IT!

Failing 101: For the Losers

Hey, Im Mathew Porter, and this is the story of how I went from top student, to the class fail.


For as long as I can remember I've looked for someone like you.
With a head like yours, and a torso to.
Birds sing and if its the last thing I di you will pay zim! ~Tak

that awkward moment when:

Okay guys, so I am going to go see the Relapse Symphony, august eighth, at the Eyes Set to Kill show in Newport Kentucky, and I invited the girl I have like half a crush on. I later looked up the other bands that's going to be there: TRS (of course) Alone in the dark, Close to Home, and Sirens and Sinners. For any of you who've heard of these bands, we all know TRS is the one that sticks out. So after inviting this girl based off of just them, I truly don't want to take her out of fear. Literally fear. I figured the others would be close. Nooooooope noooope nope nope nope.

gotta do emo stuff, but first, lemme take a selfie

Its late, I'm tired, talking to my school friend about tacos made with lobe and how I had to go across the street to borrow a teaspoon of love just for the taco and were taking selfies now. God bless the modern age.

am i the only one like this.

So I've always been kinda, idk. Not like everyone else. I've kinda always not been sure what I am. Some days I wake up like, fuck it, I'm a chick, and others I'm like I SHALL USE HAMMERS AND OVER USE DRY WALL AND OTHER GUY SHIT! Ive pretty much always labeled myself as bi. I just believe everyone is just another person and never cared. So this isn't a I'm confused thing. Its more of a, hey! Anyone else feel like a jen one day and a Jim the next? Or is that just me?

im not proud!!!

Soo, uhhh, its 3:30am and I'm making french toast while watching pbs. I've successfully woken up my moms tea cup pig who loves eggs and can smell that part, who woke up my parents, who came down to me with a whole bunch of cooking shit out. I don't know about you, but I have a fairly interesting life. Anyone else up? PLEASE MESSAGE MEEE! I feel like the odd one sometes because all my friends have a hard time talking to people or finding someone who will talk to them, and I have no shortage of either. WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE!!!


Any body who saying hell yea!!!, than fucking great to meet you! You'll love this if you can't wait for the release of shadows coming up on the 8th! The rest of you going Who???, look em up, come back, restart! I WILL HAVE THIS TANK TOP AND BRACELET AND POSTER AND CD!!!


So today I got new guitar strings, one set for each guitar you see! (MEH BABIES!) and I had a baby duck hatch! (First one sense I've started breeding them) its solid black and is itty bitty tiny winy small! It disss big! >(^__^) I am also going to post my book that I have been writing for a while now as soon as I go to a place with internet and have my lap top. So look forward to that. I also have made a decision for sake of my privacy, to make it harder for people to find me, when I am performing, I will perform as "Jason Frost" so keep an ear out for that name.