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Little Update!

So, now my hair is short, and (Drumroll) MULTICOLOR! I got (What they called it) my hair shoeshined? (Im sure theres someone who can explain it to you guys, bc i really cant.) Its not as bright as i pictured, because my normal hair is really dark naturally, so it took forever to get the color i have and I was in a rush to see my friend (Shes on this site, idk if she still uses it) at springfields got tallent and some other of my classmates in it and I couldent wait any longer, and it looked good. (Pics asap!

Frankie live

You know, this looks more like just a jam session, and that kinda makes it 500x better

To a vote!!!

Ok, so, I have the lyrics to my bands ep that we will release either late this year or early next. The track list is (in an undecided order):
1. Forgiveness over permission
2. Death row kings
3. Rusty bullets
4. Nightmares
5. I walk the line (Johnny Cash cover)
6. Lets host my funeral! (And don't forget the lights)

And were throwing up our album title to a vote guys! So, just say witch you like best and let us know! THANK YOU!

1. Don't forget the lights
2. Sleep
3. Time to say good bye
4. Wish the monsters away
5. Last call
6. Lets host a funeral

first band competition

So today was my bands first band competition at hilard Bradley. It was fun till I got to hear the score. 192. Kick in the fucking balls. So yea. (It's not like I'm used to like 247's, but god dam!) And my buddy got a date for homecoming (yay him!) But he's nervous and wanted me to ask someone so I finally did (I hate formal dances) and got a "No" so bitter sweet. But we get to wear makeup and it looked much better at first (had it on all day sense 2:00 in the afternoon. It's now midnight.) And a black baseball cap. So that's been my day!

bedroom door selfie!

So I need to fix my door, and I decided to selfie with my taped up door albums


IM GETTING A FUCKING EPIPHONE LES PAUL STUDIO!!!! ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! ITS WHITE WITH BLACK PICK GAURD AND ROSEWOOD NECK WITH HUMBUCKER PICK UPS, THREE WAY SWITCH, THREE FUCKING TONE NOBS, volume clearly, AND ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Im getting it used for $200 and its being shiped from new york, and ill have to pick it up in store so total its going to take me about $250, but i got 200, and my parents said theyll pitch in as a birthday/xmas gift, so im getting a new amp. Not sure what kind, ill see what in the store goes best with the guitar and hope my parents will be willing to get it. Traded my buddy my peavy rage for a fender amp because both our guitars sounded better using the others amp, so we both win. FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GUITAR!

Listening to Gerard Solo Debut concert

So im listening to his debut concert and im all of 2 min into it and in love! It has such a big ass middle finger to the world feel to it!!! COME TO AMERICA!!!! SPECIFICALLY OHIO!

My 100 truths.

1. Real Name? Joe Barnett
2. If you could change your name? Jason Frost
3. Obsessions? Music and my bass
4. Male or Female? Male
5. Elementary School? Warder Park
6. Middle School? Schaffer
7. High School? Northeastern
8. Want to go to college? Yea, if my band dosent go anywhere
9. Natural Hair color? Blackish brown
10. Tall or Short? On the taller side of average i guess
11. Sweats or Jeans? jeans or GTFO!
12. Phone or Camera? Camra
13. Health Freak? A little
14. Orange or Apple? Apple
15. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes
16. Eat or Drink? Both? I dont get it.
17. Ever broken a bone? Nope
18. Pepsi or Coke? Coke
19. Been in an airplane? Nope
20. Been in a relationship? Several
21. Been in a car accident? A few
22. Caused a fight? A Few Times. Been in more.
24. Best Friend? Kyle Couch
25. First friend you ever made? Nathen Hays
26. First Crush? Ceira Crosely
27. First Word: Hell, i dont know.

Food class

SO i am litteraly shit you not posting this from my foods class. (Home ec). WHAT DOES A LAPTOP HELP WITH WHEN IT COMES TO MAKING HEALTHY FOOD! But it was either this or pottery and i was like, FUCK THAT SHIT! so im just waiting for everyone else to finish becasue it takes me no time at all to type in my email and password for a website. (Edmodo. No clue what the fuck it is.) And after this i go to gym, where i will get detention because its the fourth time already this year ive forgoten my gym shorts. But this time its because my dryer broke, and my cloths wernt dry. YAY! Wearing a dirty shirt now bc of that. And i was doing my senior shit and my moms like "What name card do you want for grad announcements?" (Non yet senior kids, youll understand, anyone who feels what im talking about, sing a pray or some shit for me, please) and im like, well, i like this one because its simple. Instantly, "No, I dont like that one." THEN WHY DID YOU ASK!?!?!? Needless to say this kept happening.

officially MY band!!

So for my last weekend of summer, I had a bonfire and my friends over. We started talking about stuff (after creating a tower of amps) and decided to join a band. They all jumped on my idea of Controversial Weapons. (What I thought was the alb title for conventional weapons at first) So I'm now the bassist and vocalist of a band. WOO! I also write all the music. We already have one wrote and recorded (took just one night) outside of the vocal part! So I hope this goes well! Its just three of us, so I'm curious how this will end. As soon as I get the lyrics down and into a recording with music, it WILL be on here. I can't wait for you all to hear it!