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my week off!

Finally getting a weekend off from my band stuff. Going to see Beartooth Friday at Newport music hall, love that venue, and just work and hopefully finish my training at speedway. So firs easy weekend in a while!

I should see a profional

so you know, normal people at 2:13 am would be asleep. unless they work third shift. But anyone who doesn't work a night time job has NO REASON to be up this late. Unless your fucking me. Lights on, bass out, running through my set list in my bedroom. Jumping around and everything else I put into a show. Hands hurting because ive done it three times now in a little less than two hours. Its about a 35 min set ran three times straight, so do the math, no breaks. I think normal performs try and get a decent nights sleep, but not me. nope nope nope.

Public appology to all live sound set up peps

So at my most recent of shows, I ROYALLY pissed off the guy that does sound checks and shit. First he comes up to me and says "hey, your amps a little small is it cool if I run it DI bc idont have any more stage mics?" I look him in the face and say I have no clue wtf that is. Than my drummer tells me it means direct input. To which I say, "Oh. I still have no idea" so he basically informs me that instead of coming out of the amp itll go through the monitors and club speakers. So I say sure, but I only had my one cord, so he has to track down another cord.

Show tomorrow night!

het everyone! My band will be doing a show tomorrow night at the Tapout bar in Hamilton Ohio. It is a 21+ show, but I will be outside hanging out with some people who said that there coming but cant go in. Id love to meet some other people with them, so if you show up, track me down and say HI!


why the hell are pictures not in our blogs anymore!?!? wtf. Oh well, take what we can get


My band is now selling shirts and shit! Check us out on face book!

If your pulling us up on a laptop wee have our music on the facebook but if your wanting to check us out on a phone, I can just post an old YouTube video. (Im not in any of the recordings yet, but will be soon!)

Great to see this site back up and running with people posting too! Message me so I can start talking to you guys again!

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My Band

Hey guys, im in a band that's actually like, doing shit! So give us a look and if you like it give me a shout so I can keep you in the loop of what were doing!


HOLLY FUCKING CRAP ITS BACK!!! POST POST PT PEOPLE!!! Show em why we kept arguing for this back so much

bad not-so-sober ideas and a broken messenger

Well, lets start with the bad news first, I just found out that the messaging here doesn't work! (I reallllly cant help but feel that this is old news) and that just SUCKS! so if anyone on heres wanting to talk, the only other ways to get ahold of me are text (In america 937-244-0942, feel free to text, i got nothing important going on) or facebook. (Joe Barnett, may take a while. I check maybe one or two times a day) but feel free to look for me! and now for my newest of bad ideas fueled by substances in someway or type.