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So long and goodnight...

MCR saved my life. Saved so many lives. They weren't just a band. They were our friends, our motivators, our saviors. Did they ever fully understand that? I don't know. I can't process this fully. MCR brought me and my boyfriend together. Me and many of my friends together. Me and every person on this website together.
I feel as if there's a hole in my heart now. Will any band be able to fill it? I doubt it. Maybe it'll hurt less in time, but it will always be there.
I just hope they keep this site up, so we can support each other through this...
So long and goodnight.

[] smoked
[] consumed alcohol
[X] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
[X] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
[X] kissed someone of the same sex
[] had sex
[X] had someone in your room other than family
[X] watched porn
[] bought porn
[] tried drugs
[X] taken painkillers
[] taken someone else's prescription medicine
[X] lied to your parents
[X] lied to a friend
[] snuck out of the house
[] done something illegal
[X] felt hurt
[X] hurt someone (though I try my best not to)
[] wished someone to die
[] seen someone die
[X] missed curfew
[] stayed out all night
[X] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
[X] been to a therapist
[] received a ticket
[] been to rehab
[] dyed your hair
[X] been in an accident
[] been to a club
[] been to a bar
[] been to a wild party
[] been to a Mardi Gras parade
[] drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night

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All about me! ^-^

Religion: Christian <3
Grade: Sophomore
Sexual preference: Heterosexual
Age: 15
Random fact: I've always wanted to be a photographer! <3
Favorite colors: Purple & Grey :3
Killjoy name: Chaotic Beauty
Dream: Author & Vocalist
Favorite musicals: Sweeney Todd, West Side Story, The Sound Of Music... etc...
Favorite author: J.K. Rowling :3
Internet friends: I haz some and I love them all! (and I'm always looking for more ;) )
Town: The Middle Of Nowhere, Hicktown, USA. -_-
Favorite actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Emma Watson... there's more but i can't think of them at the moment. .____.
Favorite shows: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite season: I love them all <3 ._.
Current music playing: Green Day!

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Pon and Zi

You have no idea how much I love these guys! I'm making a belated Valentine's Day card for my boyfriend out of different pictures of them :3

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And honestly...

I got into My Chemical Romance because they said everything that was in my head that I could never figure out how to say. And honestly, I stayed with them because they gave me something to hold onto. They told me that I wasn't alone in the world, that I wasn't the only one who felt lonely and rejected and like an outcast. They taught me how to live despite the pain, how to be myself, how to say what I feel and speak my mind instead of staying the silent little doormat that I used to be. My Chem changed my life. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for them. <3

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Poems :3

Tell me what you think, and go to my blog to find more! :D

Descending into madness or crawling out of lies
Regrets drip from her icy fingertips
The drops of crimson don't say she wants to die
But the insanity in her mind plays out on her lips
Give her all the pills you can
A menagerie of multicolored bliss
It'll never change the revolution's plan
Hit it in the bullseye and it's still a miss
Hear the screams coming over the hill?
Well darling that's all in your head
Steady your heart and go for the kill
Maybe you'll get lucky and end up dead
These padded walls inhibit her goal
But no amount of drugs could deaden her soul
Trapped inside this cage of freedom
The azure sky bears witness to the losing of my mind
I'm living in a state of perpetual martyrdom
I've been through a lot, please try to be kind
Wearily trodding down this lonely road
Broken dreams lay shattered like glass
Staggering undermeath this heavy load

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The Spill Canvas

Anyone else here listen to The Spill Canvas? I have fallen in love with them all over again recently. <3

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Imagine all the citrus!

I feel like this needed to be shared with the world. Made me DIE of laughter! xD

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I think my writer's block is gone... (Knock on wood!)

It's pretty late where I am, here in little ol' Ohio. But, I tend to do my best writing late at night! Here's the poems I've written so far. Here you go, and tell me what you think!

Looking for love in all the wrong faces
Demons are wolves hiding in sheep's skin
Finding a rush in all the wrong places
The high from you gives me a place to hide in
My secret is fatally beautiful
You know that I'd die for you
And my insanity might be institutional
But would you die for me too?
I'll break down all these padded walls
Just to get to where you are
Loving you with a porcelain heart like a doll's
To live my life I'll have to go too far
I'll slit my wrists and let my blood flow
Falling apart to let my soul go
Drowning in a sea of faces
A gust of wind; I'm there, I'm gone
You'll never see me in normal places
I've been hiding for far too long
Playing cards, losing money with each hand
Jack's gone black and I've got twenty-two
Nothing's going the way I planned

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One of those days...

You ever have one of those days that every song you hear describes you and/or how you're feeling? That's my day today. I feel like there really is a soundtrack to my life, lol. Then again, I walk around with headphones on enough I might as well have a soundtrack to my life. :P