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I Don't Miss This Site

You guys make it so easy for people to lie and attention seek. You're enablers. For those who don't understand what I'm saying, here's a basic definition of enabling:

Enabling is used to describe dysfunctional behaviours that are intended to help resolve a problem but in fact may make it worse.

I come on here every few days and always see the same handful of people posting blogs about how much their life sucks.

The Rules of Fan Fiction #9

This rule should be done automatically regardless of what you're writing, yet so many people don't do it.


Just because you're not at school does not mean you can let your spelling slip. Writin in txt spk lyk dis is rly annoyin. Incorrect spelling is also very irritating. It's really not hard to spell check your writing before publishing it. Being bad at spelling isn't an excuse, you can use a spell checker. However, you also need to read through it yourself, as spell checkers aren't always reliable. Case in point:

Eye halve a spelling checker
It came with my pea sea.
It plainly

The Rules of Fan Fiction #8

I've seen so many people break this rule, and it gives me the motts every time.


It’s not so bad in killjoy stories, but my eyes have been burned by so many fanfics where the person writing it ends up best friends or in a relationship with one of the band members. No. Just no. Keep that stuff in your head please, nobody else wants to know your fantasies.


#1 No making the band members hook up
#2 Capitalize
#3 Use punctuation
#4 Remember your audience
#5 Show not tell
#6 Speech starts on a new line
#7 Think of a title

The Rules of Fan Fiction #7

I can't quite believe I actually have to write this rule, but nevertheless, here is rule number seven.


One of the things I dislike about badly written fanfics is when people call it “Untitled Fanfic”. If you can’t even think of a title how do you expect us to think you have enough imagination to write a good story?! It's not going to catch anybody's eye, and it's not going to encourage people to read it. It's not hard to think of a title, even if it's just a working title that might get changed at some point.

Also, this is more a pet hate of mine rather than a rule, but I

The Rules of Fan Fiction #6

Back to another basic for this rule:


"When you read a story, is all the speech on the same line?" Lucy asked. "It should be," Amy replied. "It looks really messy if it's all on the same line," Greg chipped in, "especially when it's in the middle of a paragraph." Amy sneezed, causing Lucy and Greg to stumble into fits of laughter. Lucy clutched her stomach, unable to stop her jaw aching from the laughter between their snorts and multiple bless yous. Once they settled down again, each thought about the conversation they had previously been having.

The Rules of Fan Fiction #5

Writing isn't all about the technicalities; the content has to be up to scratch too. I give you rule number five.


It is far more effective to show your audience a character's emotions rather than tell them. Let's guess what emotions these characters are feeling:

I cautiously crept up the staircase, each step breathing a groan of discontent as my foot touched it. My fingers tightened around the knife, my heart pulsing as I paused to listen for sounds of life.

If you guessed scared/nervous, congratulations! Let's take a closer look.

The Rules of Fan Fiction #4

This is one of the most important rules of writing, whether it's fanfic, fiction or non-fiction.


You may not have given it much thought, but who you are writing for drastically influences what you write. If you are writing a story to publish on this website, then your target audience is probably going to be mainly 12-18 year old females. If you are writing it for a website dedicated to story writing, your target audience may be slightly older. This will not only affect the storyline, but the type of language that you use.

The Rules of Fan Fiction #3

Rule number three is another basic that should go without saying, but still some people don't seem to use it.


Sentences end in full stops (I believe you call them periods in the US?). Questions end with a question mark. If sentences have more than one clause, it's usually fair to assume they need a comma. This is what you learn in primary school!

Let's eat Grandma.
Let's eat, Grandma.

Punctuation can save lives. It can also save people time trying to understand what the hell you mean in your writing.


#1 No making the band members hook up
#2 Capitalize

The Rules of Fan Fiction #2

Reposting this as the last one disappeared.

Now that we've established that writing about band members hooking up is hugely disrespectful and is a no-go area, we can move on to improving the actual writing itself. So, rule number two:


There is no excuse for not using capitals letters in a sentence. It's lazy. It's unprofessional. It looks messy. When to use capital letters:

- Sentences begin with capital letters
- Names of places or people start with capital letters (France, Gerard etc.)
- "i" is written using a capital letter ("I")
- Each word of a title is capitalized, apart

The Rules of Fan Fiction #1

Over my years here I have seen many many fanfics. It is no secret to those who know me that I dislike fanfic, but that doesn't mean it's going to stop being written. Since they will never stop being created, this blog will be a series of tips to improve them.

The most important rule of all:


Whilst the band encourage creativity, they have strongly expressed their dislike for it. In the words of Ray, "stop making us have sex with each other in your fan fiction." If you would like to see them say it themselves then watch the videos I linked below. If you