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Fright-Day (2)

I'm just using 'Fright Day' instead of 'Friday'. Mainly because I feel a weird sense of joy jetting through me...I never felt that before.
I suddenly feel different. Not in a bad way, but a good way.

I was really excited for G's new album when it released. My parents told me to buy it with my own money. I was bummed about it until I found a website where you can free download music.
And so I did. I got new earphones over the summer, and the music sounds so 'magical'. Like I'm in another world...

One of my friends told me that there's no song I dislike, even a little bit, by my fave artists. They thought I wasn't really gonna like G's new album, but not true. I loved it as soon as I heard the few seconds of the first song.

That side of loneliness... is it gone? I don't feel it anymore though.
Like I said, there was a math test today. I have total confident about that. I know I did great on it.


I've woke up early and arrived early to school on purpose to post something on here. And it's only gonna be once; today there's this math test I have today. :( Anyway, I messed up my zine and just decided to start on a comic series. Of course, my parents don't accept me publishing any of my works, so I guess I'm gonna do it without asking.
I'll get that zine work someday. Just not today.
More like I'm in a cave. I'd rather be underground; I don't need anyone at school. Just need to keep up with everything. best friend.
There's so much people around in this school library. I'm gonna study for math. Seeya.

>Insert title here<

Wednesday! There's this sience project thing going on at my school. Very annoying. My day hasn't been going well, but I've started on my comic zine. Wonder if it's ever gonna be a zine. 4 minutes left till I'm tardy. Gotta go. I wish I could stay here longer.

MCR- We Will Rock You (With Brian May) 2011
Safe and Sound

Q: What do you learn from school?
A: You learn more about your outcast self.

Q:What do you get from school?
A: Homework homework homework homework

Q: What does music make you feel?
A: Music makes me feel different.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: When I'm here with all the MCRmy.

Q: What does school make you feel?
A: School makes me feel school. What else?

Q: What do you enjoy watching?
A: Don't really watch TV. If you were to come and see me at my house, I would be reading comic books and watching mcr vids on youtube.

Q: How many friends you have?
A: Depends on what type of friends. If it's friends that talk to you and hang out almost everyday, then none. If it's friends I talk to sometimes, then 4.

AP 309.2 Cover Real Friends, Electric Century, Touché Amoré
▶ Gerard Way ((Full)) Live Debut @ Reading Festival HD

gonna see if this vid actually posts