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Conventional Weapons Pt 2

So! Pt 2 of Conventional Weapons is out. Ambulance is fucking AMAZING. Gun is just downright fabulous. Makes me feel like Revenge and Black Parade had a child and it was adopted by Danger Days. :D Can't wait ntil the next part is out!!! If ya can't tell I love CW to pieces. ^-^


So I'm sitting here listening to Headfirst for Halos and just thinking about life. I know that sounds corny, but I'm just deep like that. But anyway I figured I'd share my thoughts with you lot. I think that everyone in the word should be equal. I think that just because someone is gay, or black, or female, or Jewish, that is no reason that they shouldn't be treated just the same as the rest of the world population. A person is a person, no matter what race, sexual preference, religion, age. But if all that is true, then why do hate crimes occur?

It all started with a jacket...

It all started when I asked my mother if I could have a MCR varsity jacket for Christmas. She told me that I am not allowed to wear anything with 'My Chemical Romance' on it because it will make people think I'm a junkie. I tried to reason with her, told her that's ridiculous, and the jacket only has 'MCR' on it anyways, but she won't listen. So I'm a bit depressed about that, and I needed someone to vent to, so I figured only the MCRmy would get it. Thanks for listening. <3
Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.
Celebration Over