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So Long And Goodnight

I can honestly say that I am in shock. My Chemical Romance, you always have been, and always will be, the most amazing band I've ever heard. I will love you my whole life, and I'll always hope that you'll come back. Because maybe one day you will. We had all but given up on Fall Out Boy, but look at them now. Stay strong, Killjoys, Paraders, Soldiers, we'll get through this. Don't do anything rash. Just because there isn't a MCR anymore, doesn't mean that Gerard, Frank, Mikey, and Ray don't value your lives just as much as they always have.

Not A Room Full Of Suicides

Hello Soldiers!
I just wanted to self-promote a wee bit. You see I just created this MCR fanpage a couple days ago. It's on Facebook, it's called Not A Room Full Of Suicides (MCR Fan page). I post funny My Chem pics and y'know, inspirational shit. :)
Stay Beautiful; Keep It Ugly
Celebration Over


Oh my God. I just found out that I actually have comments on my blogs. :'D And here I was thinking no one ever read them! :'D I looove you guys. :') So. Many. FEELS. (': <3 I just spent the last ten minutes reading all the comments and I think I might cry from all the nice-ness. I can't even, wow. The MCRmy is amazing. :) Thank you guys.
Stay Beautiful; Keep It Ugly
Celebration Over

New Years

So it's New Years again. I hate to be a party pooper but I honestly hate New Years. Everyone always makes it out to be such a cool thing. Maybe it is for other people. All I ever do is watch the ball drop and feel like the forever alone guy. If I'm lucky I have some sparkling apple cider. This year was especially wonderful because me and my dad got into THREE consecutive fights between 11:15 and 12:15. It must be an omen of bad fortune for the new year. Oh. Joy. DX FML.

30 Seconds To Mars

So. I've just discovered the wonders of 30 Seconds To Mars. I think I'm in love. :'D Of course My Chem rules the universe, but damn. 30STM is amazing. Jared Leto is amazing. I swear to God he is the most beautiful man besides Mikey Way. My God. I can't even. Adjskfldignelungh. o.o WHY ARE ALL THE PERFECT MEN TOO OLD FOR ME? D: It's just not fair. All the guys my age are total idiots. >.< So not fair. I'm gonna go listen to This Is War now.
Stat Beautiful; Keep It Ugly
Celebration Over


I love my grandparents. Seriously, I have the coolest Grandma and Grandpa in the history of cool Grandmas and Grandpas. They just sent me DD and BP! :D I LOVE YOU MEEMA! She'll never see that, but it's the thought that counts, oui? :) But yea, I've got the musics! On CD! THE FEELS. SO. MANY. FEELS. :')


So I was hoping for a zombie apocalypse today. Even better, BLI, Korse, and the Draculoids! Just SOMETHING. But no. All I got was a "No" from my mum when I asked if I could be a zombie for the day, and a ton of motherfucking disapointment. I constantly read about the epic adventures that happen to normal people every day, I want my turn! I want to LIVE the stories! I want a giant to tell me I'm a witch, or find a dragon egg in the woods, or be taken by a grey wizard to slay a dragon. I want to be a secret keeper, or go to a summer camp for heroes, or discover the faries.

Mikey Fuckin' Way

My God. Mikey, I fucking love you. :D Dude, I wish you were my brother, I want to freaking adopt you. I just heard that you love Stephen King and you want to write a horror novel. YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MY BEST FRIEND EVER. I just want to hug you! My God! I can't even, dude. I am currently hugging my laptop, due to the pure awesome. On person shouldn't be allowed to be THAT awesome, they need to leave some awesome for the rest of the world! xD
Stay beautiful; keep it ugly
Celebration Over

Soundtrack to my life story

So, this is what would play in the movie of my life story. It's all MCR. Heh.

Opening credits: Na Na Na ~ MCR (Can you say kick ass?)

Waking up: Sleep ~ MCR (The irony xD)

Falling in love: Headfirst For Halos ~ MCR

Fight song: Gun. ~ MCR

Breaking up: I Don't Love You ~ MCR (Cheesy as fuck, but smh, I don't care)

Life's ok: Kill All Your Friends ~ MCR (Life is never OK, so this song is perfect)

Getting back together: The Only Hope For Me Is You ~ MCR

Wedding song: To The End ~ MCR (I love this song)

Birth of child: AMBULANCE ~ MCR (You don't know a thing about this life)

Final Battle: Save

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