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im stressed the fuck out because i go back to school next week. and if thats not bad enough im starting high school. fuck my life. plus im the only out lesbian so my schooling will just be great.

I need friends!!!!!!!

Can someone be my friend.... Please


Am I the only one here who LOVES Black Veil Brides

Im kinda fucked.... Please help

Two days ago a guy who was in my class last year asked me out. I mean he is cute and nice but I dont know how to tell him that I have a girlfriend ( i am also a girl... i'm bisexual ) because for some reason people like to make big deals over who someone is dating and i'm not out of the closet yet. I already told him that I did not wanna go out with him but then he asked me why and he wont believe any of my reasons. So then he made the great ides to go tell everyone in my class that i was a lesbian... how great. So now people call me faggot. queer, freak etc. I just don't know what to do.