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You wear me out!!!

Hey do you tell someone politely to FUCK OFF!!!??? I'm having real trouble with this fucking guy (no offense to all male killjoys) who is convinced that I should be wearing pink dresses (no offenses to pink loving killjoys) all the fucking time! All I want to do is scream "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! I LIKE BLACK AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT EVERYONE IS DOING! GO THE FUCK AWAY!" In his face! But I don't want to seem like the bitch that I really am... any suggestions?

Hmm...(deep in thought)

OK so I'm beginning to question whether my killjoy name is BA enough or if it's really even a killjoy name at all... It is currently Screaming Angel...I have no idea what I would change it to. I want it to be BA and I don't really care about the pattern. If it rhymes or if the 2 words start with the same letter that would be awesomelycolorfullyshiny but I'm not picky. Any ideas? Or do you think I should keep my own that I have now? HELP A KILLJOY OUT!!!

What do you think???

Hey guys. I was thinking of ending "I'm not insane" soon... I don't know if I want to start a new one or what... If you haven't read it please click on my blog and read it. It is in MANY chapters...about 17 at the moment. If you like it tell me if you have any ideas about what would make it better. If you don't like it just don't leave hating comments k? Make sure to tell me if you think it should end sooner or later. Thank you. Long live the Killjoys!
Screaming Angel

How Clevrbot Deals with Depression

Me: Hi
CB: How are you?
Me: My life sucks
CB: Programs can't die, they only get deleted and removed from the system
Me:Fuck my life!
CB: Do you like chicken?
Me: WTF?
CB: Checkmate
Me: Can I kill you now?
CB: Yes right here! You will marry me right here!
Me: Can I kill you first?
CB: Sure?
CB: What does p=mv mean?
Me: And back to hating my life
CB: You have a good life?
Me: Oh go die in a hole! I mean thanks! I will!

I stole it :3

[x] I love music
[x] my chem is one of my favorite bands
[x] i am who i am and no one can change that
[x] people hate me when i am myself

[x] my parents hate my style
[x] i am crazy
[x] i am shy
[ ] i am funny

[x] music is who i am
[x] i play an instrument
[x] sing
[x] i have been to a concert

[x] i plan on going to a concert
[ ] i have talked to someone famous
[ ] i have lots of friends
[x] i have friends but they aren't true friends

Bands i like:
[x] Green day
[x] my chemical romance
[x] avenged sevenfold
[x] fall out boy
[ ] good charlotte
[ ] cradle of filth
[x] evanescence
[ ] pinkly

I'm not insane chapter 17

Mikey just stared at the floor. “What lie did they tell you?” Sav now looked like she was about to cry. “They told me that… that you guys were effecting my illness negatively…and that I had to stay away.” Savanna squeezed her knees closer to her chest while the boys stared in disbelief and shock. “They said maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me something when I attacked…Mikey…” He gasped and his brows knit together. “But you mistook me for a ghost! I’m pale as hell! I could be!” His attempt at humor failed dramatically. Savanna turned paler than Gee and Mikey combined.

I'm not insane chapter 16

When they were done eating they traveled to the common room in a pack. Mikey was tickled by all of them when he pretended to fall asleep. Sav couldn’t blame him. She felt like falling asleep while Bob had a good rant on over-processed foods. Mikey squirmed and giggled as Gerard swooped at him, tickling him. Frankie held Mikey’s hands behind his back and Ray held his legs on the ground. Bob placed one foot on Mikey’s chest and stood there in a triumphant stance while Mikey laughed until Savanna thought he was going to die.

KILLJOY NAME (finally)

I finally have a Killjoy name and it is Screaming Angel!!! Long live the Killjoys!!!

I'm sorry

I'm sorry, some times I will post little poems and shit and they may not make sense to you but they mean the world to me. It's my way of proving to myself that I am real and that I can still feel. I used to cut for that purpose but now I go on the internet and post random pieces of shit that I've written. Sorry.

Is it strange?

Is it strange that I feel that my life is not a life
Is it strange that my life is not a life at all
Is it strange that I should so cherish a knife
that has never cut but seems to be calling me
Is it strange that my "friends" push me up against walls
and then laugh in my face when they make me fall
Is it strange that I just want to be alone
Is it strange that I feel as if no one knows
that I exist
please look at my list
of the strange things about me
and then leave me be
Is it strange