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Hide your body from the scarecrow

Hey guys it's me and I'm Not Insane may or may not be reaching it's end. I have had to keep writing it in secret because of some issues at home and it is not getting any easier to find time. If you have any ideas for me to build on or suggestions for plot please comment. If you want me to keep writing this particular story then I will but if you don't then I don't really see the point of going on with this story line. If you have suggestions for excuses to get away from my parents even though they are trying to get me to be more social I would be very appreciative.
-screaming angel-

To The End

Some people are leaving the MCRmy because they aren't the same anymore. I am not saying that they are the same but I think that they are still the same beautiful people who brought me out of my corner of the world. MCR has surely evolved their sound and their lyrical content but we all change and I love this side of them. The message is still the same one that has saved so many lives and caused so much love to happen in this world. Of course there are people who hate them because of their music, their look, or their audience but who cares?

I'm not insane chapter 26

"It’s them isn’t it?” Mikey looked around confusedly. “God damn it! Why does he get to see shit!? Normally that’s me! What is happening Gee?” Bob put his hands on Mikey’s shoulders. “Calm, Mikes.” Ray just shook his head. Savanna’s parents were once more before her but it was not at them that she stared. “Y…You see them too?” Gerard tore his eyes away from the two figures and looked straight at her. Damn that was weird. “I guess when I walked through you it let me…that or I’m even more insane than my doc realizes. “ Frankie snickered a little but Bob cuffed his ear.

I'm not insane chapter 25

They were obviously both guys and they were not cooperating at all. Frankie giggled. They all turned to look at him. “Remind you of someone?” Savanna’s white cheeks would have flushed if they could have. They filed into the room and peeked out the window as the security tried to get the two stubborn bodies to move. One was blonde and his set mouth was edged in the slightest bit of stubble. The other had brown hair and was grimacing. Savanna saw him and understood exactly what was going on inside him. She understood the struggle to convince yourself that it was all a mistake.

Up to the task

Ok so I know that a lot of people have never read "I'm Not Insane" which is a fan story I have written but I would love to invite anyone out there that feels inclined to be creative to read it and pick your favorite scene. After you have your scene draw what that scene looks like to you and post it. Send me a message that says you have drawn one, what you have titled it, and that it's on your blog and I will go see it or possibly steal it. (teehee, if this is the case I will credit you on my blog) You do not have to be an extremely good artist to do this at all!

So I'm kinda back ... (sorta)

Hey guys! I know these past chapters I've posted may seem totally weird to you if you haven't read the others so please do. They are all on my blog from chapter 1 to chapter 23 and there should be more coming soon. AND I REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME! I promise I won't let it be months before the next chapter is up. (hopefully). If I am going to disappear I promise that I will let you know. Get reading!
-screaming angel

I'm not insane chapter 24

He walked towards her and stopped in front of her. Frankie started forward but Gerard stretched out a hand to stop him one he had reached Gee’s side. “Don’t take another step.” He warned. Bob was confused. “Man what the fuck is going on here?” Sav was suddenly bold she walked carefully past Gerard and Frank. She passed Ray and Mikey and stood before Bob. Gerard’s gleaming eyes followed her. “Don’t move Bob…don’t move. “ Bob looked at him with a slightly scared air but he didn’t move. “Can’t you see me?” The voice echoed in the long passageway and everyone but Gee started and looked around.

I'm not insane chapter 23

They were carrying a bed and they set it where Mikey’s used to be, right by the window. They went back out the door and when they entered again they brought another bed and put it where Savanna used to sleep. “They are going to let patients be in here again …” Sav quickly moved toward the door and stuck her hand out into the hall. It didn’t burn as it used to. She inched every part of her body out of the door before she finally relaxed. “I’M OUT!” She yelled. The nurse down the hall jumped and turned toward her. Savanna froze.

I'm not insane chapter 22

He had drawn in Sav’s lip ring and written her name on the edge of the page. The smiles only grew as they went on through those bloody, bloody, pages. Frankie fucking beamed when they came to his shadowed picture. They lingered on this particular detail looking from the page to the real thing and back again just as they had when they had first seen it. Gerard hadn’t dared look past his own eye when he opened the notebook before. Now Bob grasped his shoulder as if her knew what Gee was feeling and he suddenly felt empowered.

I'm not insane chapter 21

His once invisible fingers were drenched with her blood and he shoved them into her open mouth. That is why she had tasted blood as she slowly drifted away just as before… And then she was back to now. With the hole in her chest and the pressure still on her throat. It felt as if her father’s fingers were still grasping the pale neck that used to belong to her. The only difference from her now and the way she was when she died was that in death she couldn’t stop moving, writhing, struggling to get free in spite of herself. Now she was weak and limp and couldn’t move anything except her eyes.