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This House Is Not A Home.

Listening to Pandora as usual and a song comes on the My Chemical Romance station that at first I like because it is very nice musically. Then I start listening to the lyrics more. This song is "Home" by Three Days Grace. Halfway through the song I am almost crying. Do any of you have houses that you live in that you cannot call home? If you do talk to someone. Hell! Message me! I don't want you feeling the way I once did and still do sometimes! Fellow Killjoys...look out for one another. Even though the boys are not My Chem anymore, we are still chemical lovers.


So I've been doing some reading. And I mean a LOT of reading. Like, I went back through ALL of the band members posts on this website and something just doesn't make sense to me. All the posts besides the one that said goodbye to the fans were so random and really heartfelt. the goodbye message just...didn't fit... I guess I'm grasping at straws but...couldn't the theories be true? Could this be a reform or legal issue? What about the tweets from LynZ and Matt? Matt said that the MCR fans shouldn't despair and to "hold". LynZ said that this was not an end but a beginning.

So Long And Goodnight

MCR. They have guided me through the hardest times of my life. The split is sad but they will not be forgotten. I never got to see them perform live but I know that they truly care for each of their fans.So to them I say this: You will be missed but I hope this is only a beginning. A new beginning. For you to be the person we always believed in and loved. Be with your families and kids. Be who you want to do and do as you wish but always remember that even though you are not MCR anymore, MCR is not dead. It is a much a part of you as you ever were of it.

We'll Carry On

To Frankie Iero, his relatives, and anyone who is dealing or has dealt with loss. I just wanted to send my heartfelt condolences. I have had a lot of loss in my life and i still cannot say that I know exactly what you're going through. But I can say that you will never forget the people you love even if they have died. About a month ago I lost my best friend Ian to cancer and I will never live a day without him being there for me. My little dark angel in the back of my mind guiding me. They will always be there as long as you remember.
Carry on,
-screaming angel-

Things Have Changed For Me But That's OK I Feel The Same

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Remember to draw those two lines on your wrist or arm to welcome in the new year with our boys and each other. One should be yellow and the other red. Be sure to recognize everyone you see with those same markings. Best wishes. May 2013 treat you well and may all the changes that occur be for the best even if they seem for the worst in the beginning.
Keep Running and Keep the Faith
-screaming angel-


Hey Killjoys.
Just wanted to remind you that during the first week of January Killjoys should draw one red and one yellow line on their arm or wrist like a band or bracelet. This way we will welcome in the new year with renewed allegiance to our boys and each other. PASS IT ON PLEASE.

Who Am I Who Are You

Hey Killjoys.
I don't know about you but I missed the December 10th celebration thingamajiger. So my friends and I are organizing a redo. During the first week of January Killjoys should draw one red and one yellow line big and bold on their wrist or arm like a bracelet or band of some kind. This way we will welcome in the New Year with renewed allegiance to MCR and to each other. Not official but just a fun way to identify one another. If you see someone with the markings on them nod or smile and point to your own. You would be surprised how many of us are out there. PASS IT ON PLEASE.

Boy Division

So I was on youtube listening to the Conventional Weapons songs that are out and I scroll down to the comments and see one that catches my eye. This particular comment said that Gerard Way was dead and I literally flipped out. I was crying as I typed the subject in question into google. After convincing myself thoroughly that Gerard was fine I just got plain mad. People love that man and this band and they could have been really hurt by a stupid prank. Thinking that a person you love and look up to is dead really hurts and people do crazy shit when they think their idol is dead.

A little closer

Hey Killjoys! I thought I should say that on last Friday I turned 15. I didn't really do much but I got a new skateboard which is cool. Totally off topic but I FUCKING LOVE LASAGNA! It is really awesome and it just keeps getting better the older it gets...except when it goes moldy. Then it is too old. But back to the previous topic. Yeah I am 15 and one step closer to moving out of this house. Oh and my sister in college came home to visit for my birthday so that was nice. RANDOM BLOGGING.
Keep The Faith
-screaming angel-

I'm not Insane/ The End

Ok so it is official. I'm Not Insane will be coming to it's end. I will keep writing it by myself but I will post no more of it on this website. I got no response to my previous warning post so I will continue the story in a different format. Thank you for your support. If you still want it back in a while then i may bring it back but right at the moment there is no enthusiasm so I am calling it quits unless you guys really really want it. Please comment if you have read it.