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Happy New Year!

It's 2012, Killjoys! Can you believe it? Another year gone so fast. I'm listening to Famous Last Words. It seemed fitting. What are your new year resolutions? I'm going to eat healthier (that's been my new year resolution for the past three years) but also I want to be more outgoing. I hope 2012 has lots in store for you! :) *looks around catiously* The world is still intact, and life feels pretty good right now. I watched the ball drop in NYC on TV, went to awesome party (well it was awesome til my brother fell and hurt himself :/), and. . .well that's it I suppose.

Confused much? Yeah.

So people are saying a girl (a7xam28) is about to (or already has) commit suicide.
Things I heard from a secondary source:
1) She said she was Frank Iero's sister-in-law.
2) She deleted her account. (but I found her blog easily)
3) People are hating on her.
Geez, do I have the wrong person? Because now all these other people are saying to message her and talk her out of killing herself.
Someone please explain what's going on. v_v A few days ago we were all one big happy family and now it's a trainwreck.

Na Na Na!

I have four tabs open watching Na Na Na. All but one is muted.
But YES! My comment was on top for a while! :D Keep watching Na Na Na! Reaching our goal isn't my priority anymore, but I would really love it if MCR knew what we were trying to accomplish.
Grim Wrecker signing off.

Made my day

Hey, Killjoys! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas. My wish came true: I got Danger Days and Revenge, and money to purchase Bullets later this week. I listened to all three CD's twice yesterday, blaring up my dock has loud as it would go. Honestly, I think I broke it. O_o Oh well.
It was five hours well spent. ^_^ Also, today being December 26th (in the U.S. at least, I know in Australia it's December 27th; almost six a.m. right?) there's been this message going around that all the killjoys are going to watch the Na Na Na video on YouTube.

Merry Christmas! :)

Hello, killjoys! Although it is for some of you, technically it's not really Christmas Eve in the states because the sun hasn't set yet. That's what my mom said anyway. xP
For Christmas I'm wishing for two CD's: Revenge and Danger Days. I have the Black Parade already and I'm hoping for an iTunes giftcard so I can purchase Bullets.
What are you wishing for? Tonight my mom invited my friend and her family to dinner. I would be excited but we haven't spoken in weeks. Apparently I did something wrong, she's giving me the silent treatment, rumours are being spread, you know the score.

Thank you, MCR♥

First post! (supposed to be first like ten minutes ago, but when I pressed Preview, a server error occurred, and all my writing had been erased -_- Little life lesson there)
If I ever met Gerard, Frank, Mikey, and Ray, I would say one thing:
Thank you.
The first song I heard by MCR was Helena. I remember thinking it was so beautiful and that no other band suited me, my feelings, or my style so well.
This band (Ray especially) is what inspired me to pursue the guitar.