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Afraid to disappoint... :(

I love my grandmother very much, with all my heart. She's a beautiful, incredible woman that I look up to, but now I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint her. :( I called her a few days ago to talk to her, like we normally do, because I don't see her too often. Anyway, we were talking about a trip I'm going on next year, and I told her when I was getting back, and she said, "Oh, so right around the time of your confirmation?" And I tried to dance around answering the question, but truth be told, I don't want to be confirmed.

So proud of you, Gerard. <3

Eight years today. August 11. :)
Congratulations, Gerard, for being clean and sober for eight whole years! :D I hope you know how many lives you've made an impact on. Mine is only one of thousands. I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished, everyone you've saved, and all the smiles you've triggered. I could listen to you sing for hours, I could fill a whole book with your sublime quotes, I just... I can't even. :') Looking back 8 1/2 years ago, things seemed to be going downhill, but look at you now!

New shirts make new schools a little better. :)

I just got my new MCR shirt in the mail today! It's a bit big, so maybe I should've gotten an XS, but regardless, I love it. I didn't think it would arrive in time for the first day of high school, but what do you know? Here it is! :D
Holy shit, high school.. kind of nervous, kind of excited. I have a busy weekend to look forward to, and really, how bad could high school be? This year is going to be amazing.
(haha, famous last words; pun intended xD)
Keep running!
P.S. I also got rainbow braces.


About high school! We had our open house today, and I couldn't find most of my classrooms, I'm worried sick about the work, marching band statistics, finding time for after school activities... I'm just having the hardest time keeping it together here. :'( School starts on Thursday, and I'm not ready to begin in a new school. D:

Chibi Lyn-Z! ^_^

I don't like my drawing of her as much as the others; I don't quite like the pen I used to color in her outfit, but it's still cute. ^_^ Feedback? And make sure to check out the chibis I drew of Gerard, Frankie, Ray, and Mikey! :D

My drawings of Frankie, Ray, and Mikey. :)

So I decided after I posted the Gerard chibi that I'd post the rest of them too. :) The eyes on all of them are REALLY bugging me! They're not the same, they're wobbly, and uneven, and GAH. Well, it's alright I guess. *shrugs* It's not perfect, but drawing them made me happy. :) Make sure to check out my Gerard chibi! And I'm about to post Lyn-Z. ^_^


I just found out Sleeping With Sirens is playing in my hometown, literally less than two miles away from my old house, in November but we've moved 1,400 miles away. D: OHMYGOD WHY?!
I can't even.. I just.. I can't.. I've lost the ability to can... /completely heartbroken

Breathe Carolina

So after seeing this band in several articles of AP, I decided to listen to them -- and wow. O_O
I was blown away, I just love these dudes! <3 I downloaded Hell Is What You Make It this morning, and this is my favourite song off the album. *o* It's called Get Off Easy.
Any other Breathe Carolina fans in the MCRmy?

Zombies in NYC!

I know I don't normally post twice in a day, let alone twice in one hour, but I just had to share this video. It's really cool, and fucking hilarious. xD I wish I could've been apart of it.

Gerard Way Chibi! ^_^

So if you read one of my previous posts, you'll know that I spent all of last week drawing the members of MCR in chibi form with my cousin. Well, I wasn't happy with the Gerard one at all, so here he is, new and improved. What do you think? If you like him, I'll post the ones I made of Frankie, Mikey, Ray, and Lyn-Z. :)
Grim Wrecker signing off.