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CarmenRock's blog

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Would you read my blog? >.< PLS

Recently I have started writting a blog were I write about myself... It would be fantastic if you read it and show it to people who maybe like what I write... >.<

The little problem is that I'm spanish, so my english is not very good...

Thank you very much, I would be really really happy if you read my posts ^^
The page is:

Love you guys~~ ^^

URGENT HELP!! 25.04.13

Hi MyChem familie! I NEED your help!!

I've wrotte a letter to Gerard, ok? But I don't know the adress because he changed it. It was:

"Warner Bros Records
c/o Gerard Way
3300 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505"

Right? But then he said in another tweet:

"Gerard Way
P.O. Box 572800
Tarzana, CA 91357"

It's that the adress? Listen, I'm from Spain, and here the adresses are so different!!! Tomorrow I have to go to the post office so.... PLEASE HELP!!!!
Tell me the right adress >.<

Thank you so much guys!!!!!

Want YOUR Opinion!! =)

Hi My Chem family!!!! <3

I just want to know YOUR opinion of "conventinal weapons" Thanks guys!! <33

OhOh.. No... =(

I don't see all the days 'cause i forgot to do it... So the last day it was my oportunity to send a question to My Chem.. and i couldn't do it!! 'Cause i didn't know that i can send they a question... Know it's to late.. I'm going to be more attentive in the future =)

MCR Calendar *-*

OMG! send my a message informing that the MCR online store has just released a new 12 month 2012 poster calendar. It's gorgeus!! I love it!! I can not wait for recived it!!! Are you agree wiht me killjoys?!?!? <3

Hii^^ Everybody!

I know that i only know My Chem since 9 months... but i love they and i'm a very, very big fan =) so i just make an account in their web <3 If you want to be my friend in the web just send a message to me and i would click: "yes" I would love to speak wiht other fans like you!!!!
Thanks for read!