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who thinks...

who thinks ray looks like slash from guns n roses?

also my female ginger cat nala catched a bird today

hey killjoys

hey killjoys i have put up this large white board on my wall in my room and it is looking pretty blank and i was woundering if you guys have anything that you would like me to write on it that is mcr related or you might just want me to write your killjoy name on it
the colors i can write them in are:
black pen
blue pen
red pen
wild blue
lime green
light blue
ark blue
dark purple
the things that i already have on it is gerard way, mikey way, ray toro, frank iero, party poison, kobra kid, jet star, fun ghoul, killjoys make some

Your daily dose of Gerard

Hey Killjoys check out these awesome pics of Gerard and this music video of Kyosuke Himuro featuring GERARD WAY - Safe and sound it is awesome but at the start of the video you don`t see Gerard but he comes along, he comes in about less than the first 10 seconds.


I am working on a new fanfic I'll post it up when I am finished it. By the way any of you Killjoys happen to go to Tauranga Intermediate School if you do can you tell me what house you are in?, I'm in Rata.


This is not fair!

Please read this article about what happened to a friend of mine that was in the Bay Of Plenty Times newspaper. I have stuck a photo of him and how far he had to walk up here. He goes to my school and is in my class his name is Fraser Bennett.

12-year-old forced to walk two hours home

A 12-year-old boy was forced to walk in the dark and alongside a busy highway in a two-hour ordeal after a Bay Hopper bus driver refused to let him on board for the sake of a $1.60 fare.

Fraser Bennett's mother, Cherie Bennett, broke down in tears as she recalled the story to the Bay of Plenty Times, in the hope

what are the names of the green day cds and how many are there?

i need a bit of help to find out the names of each green day cds and how many cds there are and the order they go in cause i am trying to get all of the green day cds and i would like to know which ones there are and the order they go in

need some help choosing a pic

so i am planing on printing a pic of my chem onto a shirt but i don't know what one to use i have chosen three of my favorite pics and i need your help on deciding which one i should use so comment on which one i should use

my cat muffy compared to garfield the cat

any of you guys think my cat looks a bit like garfield?

good news

at my school the principal announced the winning house that gets the spirit trophy and the house that won was rata and i'm in that house. by the way is there anyone on here that goes to tauranga intermediate?
also does anyone know if my chem are coming to new zealand this year?

found this pic and a story to go with it hope you like it

hey all you killjoys out there i found this pic and here is a little story to go with it hope you like it

Gerard - "Perfect timing."
Mikey - "What's going on?"
Gerard - chuckles "Michael wants to know what's going on."
Frank - Laughs (... as always.)
Gerard - "Frank. What's going on?"
Mikey - "Can't you just tell--?"
Frank - "I don't know. What's going on Ray?"
Ray - mockingly "And who wants to know?"
Mikey - "I--"
Frank - "Michael wants to know."
Gerard - placing his arm around Mikey, "I think we should let Michael know what's going on."
Ray - "Yeah."
They stop at the edge of the building.

a picture that i drew

here's a picture that I drew please comment if you like it