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lostalone & FVK em "tour" ;ldk;slkd;sd


feliz por uma tour que nem pelo meu pais vai passar, mas td bem ;dkf;lfk <3

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Tutorial: How to make plush Fun Ghoul (≧▽≦)

~~~ヾ(^∇^) コンチャ!

It's my first tutorial so I'm not so sure if I could explain it! Hope I was clear in the video, but any questions, please feel free to use my formspring. If you want learn how to do the other killjoys characters, just follow the body structure of the doll video, and just replace hair and clothes.

xoxo, (○゚▽゚○)ノ~~

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@digimodify BLI medications are administered orally via tablet or capsule.
47 minutes ago

#Killjoys: Without us, there is no you. Destroy us; eliminate you, too. - BL/ind //END_TRANSMISSION
58 minutes ago

@xslaughtermatic Everything is perfect.
1 hour ago

@MCRmyMOandKS Killjoy Terminology Index Entry: "Wooden Boy" -- undefined.
1 hour ago

@xslaughtermatic "Worry:" Invalid Emotional Response. We can fix you.
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@lonelydays17 We can make this easy for you. Stop resisting now, or die most painfully.
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@_nananadia Panic: Invalid emotional response.
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@digimodify Killjoy ALIAS "Gingerbread Man:" Four matches. Current locations: Zones 3, 5 and 2.
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@ruby_danger @ViennaKISS @PrincessFrick @frkmrdr @xslaughtermatic @tehMunkee @megs_massacre "worry" Invalid emotional response
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@mcrmom614 Tracking in progress. Running will not save you, Killjoy.
1 hour ago

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MTV's Musical March Madness (for those who haven't voted yet!)

We got 2 hours to vote, restart your Internet, ask your neighbor's borrowed computer, idk. We need different IPs, to try to pass in the final. Please go until the end, do not give up!

Alternative link if the mtv site not load where you are. >


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Jeff's 2011 post, that ALL South America want to see :D

Remembering : this is FICTIONAL, it's just a Jeff post that we would like to see happen in 2011.

MCR's World Contamination Tour Comes To South America
Monday June 6, 2011 |
Posted by: Jeff

[quote=Jeff]South American dates of My Chemical Romance's "World Contamination Tour" were just announced!

Aug 12 @ Bogotá, Colombia - Simón Bolívar Park
Aug 13 @ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - Vivo Rio
Aug 15 @ Curitiba, Brasil - Carioca Club
Aug 16 @ Porto Alegre - Pepsi On Stage
Aug 17 @ São Paulo, Brasil - Via Funchal
Aug 19 @ Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio Ricardo Etcheverry
Aug 20 @ Santiago de Chile, Chile - Arena Santiago
Aug 21 @ Caracas, Venezuela - Poliedro de Caracas

Head over to the tour section to see when MCR will be in your area. On Wednesday, June 8th, an exclusive pre-sale for registered members of will begin, allowing you to buy tickets before the general public. Tomorrow, June 7th, all registered users will receive a unique code that will allow them to purchase up to four tickets on the tour.

Create your account now, and be on the look out for an email coming tomorrow with more instructions on how to claim your code.

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~ buzzworthy ~ just another post asking 4 votes, if you already know 'bout, ignore it.

"we have received too many votes from you. You will be unblocked after a cooling off period." this is made me fuckin mad.

Voting ends Sunday, Dec. 26 at 11:59PM

Contaminate your social networks, friends (preferably who not like 30s, but like mcr haha) with the vote link:

First Coheed and Cambria, now 30 Seconds? No, right?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
É hora de fazer agora e fazer isso alto | それが今はそれを行うには、大声でそれを行う時間です
| Es momento de hacerlo ahora, y en voz alta | Le temps est venu de le faire, maintenant, faites le fort | Пришло время сделать это сейчас и делают это громко | Es ist Zeit, es jetzt tun und tun es laut | Време е да го направите сега и да го направим силен | E 'tempo di farlo ora e di farlo ad alta voce |

xoxo @giveustheradio

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checando,1-2-3 ...

Hey Killjoys! Como vcs sabem,fiquei presa em uma das BLind. desta zona,deis de Abril,depois de um tempo ,uma infiltrada me cedeu um mobile,às escondidas,e assim pude manter algum contato,ainda presa.
Nesses meses de tortura,fiz 85424 planos de escape,todos falhos. Nesse tempo,a BLind. fez questão de pisar no meu calo,acabando com nosso veículo de informações sobre nossos Killjoys: MCRBRASIL dot com
O que me deixou,e deixou todos meus grandes amigos envolvidos nisso, realmente tristes... Foi o estopim para usar minha arte como arma! Ò_Ó

Uni forças,cometi uns enganos (vide a foto do panda dumal) ,descobri planos,escapei,recuperei meu QG HELL YEAH.

Agora,me resta continuar correndo. Melhor sorte da próxima vez,careca cocozento! U_U


-camila mc... errrr... Ninja Plague. É.


O2.15.2008 - Despite of the fact that the show of the band that 'I would do anything for' happened in my city, because of the extremely expensive tickets plus the shitty job of the company when it came to spread the news and divulge the show - which was made only a month before the show happened - resulted in me not going to see them.


But, leaving the sadness behind for a while, I want to remember about the people who went to the shows and enjoyed the most, and brought amazing videos and photos of that night. I've separated my favorite Pics here in this post, and you can check the rest of the photos out here.. ->

And my second favorite video of the show, that was recorded by a great friend of mine, Gui, that was supposed to go to the show with me. He made de My Way Home video incredibly close to Gerard. Gui,i hate you. haha


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someone already buy Kerrang? D:

kerrang,mini mini mini scan :~

damn Brazil,for don't sell Kerrang D: