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Boy Division Cover

Here's my latest BASS cover. Enjoi.

Bass cover.

I've been recording my bass covers for a month now, I never thought to share it with all the fans that com the official site....So here is my most recent one, cover of This is how i disappear.
Chemical Demolition.

Chemical Demolition

That is my kill joy name! Chemical Demolition. I haven't made a full costume yet but here is a pic of the mask i will be using.

Your favorite line?

So everyone besides every lyric. What is your favorite line from NA NA NA?

My personal favorite is "Shut up, and let me see your jazz hands" I would really like to see everyone's.!

MCRmy Con!

Hey everyone. I'm here to help spread the word of MCRmy con. This young lady i have been talking to, via Facebook has come up with the idea of setting up a convention for My Chemical Romance fans. This will take place at a variety of places. Where the location is will be held at depends where you live. If you want to learn more about it head to this website. it will be much appreciated.
Thanks for your time hope to hear your thoughts on this.
Dennis "MCRmy" Hammond.