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Hello, today I bought the Kerrang magazigne after looking around a little and I'm really happy, its so big and full of My Chemical Romance. I'm going to read it soon, it's so nice, omg. And that's all that happened today, I've done almost nothing while I've been off school, this is probably the highlight of my week.


I'm diss appointed, I really want the Kerrang My Chemical Romance issue I wish I had it to read write now, I don't think I'll even be able to get it the shops net my house don't sell many magazines and I've never seen Kerrang in any shops before. On a lighter note my letter is on its way to Gerard?


I'm really excited every time I think about my letter because I know its on its way and it will be in America soon, I really hope I get a reply but thinking back it might sound a bit creepy because I put my phone number in it, Do you think that's a creepy thing to do?


I tried to paint Gerard but it was so difficult, I only had 5 different colors and 2 paint brushes so it's a mess. It looks like a lazy man with a head on fire and a face deformity. I'm really glad I didn't chose art as an option. Maybe I'll try and draw him next or I should have put something more creative in my letter to Gerard so he's more interested in it? Oh well. That's it really.

Awkward Timing

Even though My Chemical Romance has broke up I decided to make this account because I still want to be around MCR and I think this is a good way to do this? So to anyone who cares I'm almost 14 and I live in the UK, there isn't much to tell about me. Oh and yesterday I sent my letter to Gerard Way!

I'm kind of hoping they will say April Fools and tell us it was all a joke but that won't happen.