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buriedalive2222's blog

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new friend iv made

so i made freinds with this guy hes really cool his family moved in next door on last friday and his a goth like me lol he was like hey u wanna come in for a cup of coffee and we talked about everything sweet my first friend since school

the world sucksssssssssssss

so i guy i know got betten up for being gay and out people tell me i have to change if i want to get on in this world be normal the say well FUCK NORMAL im happy to be different yea iv got scars but i dont hide em

meet my bulldog babies

this is my bully tank his four and i just got his brother from a friend who is moveing away and cant keep him anymore my perents used to breed em but they were the last litter they had as my dad died last year and my mum couldt handle em on her own


hi im new here