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ok so like a month ago i posted a blog about how my friend said that girls only find me as a friend and that the girl i like stopped talking to me. WEEEEEELLLLLLL the girl i like is talking to me but i gave up on her so i dont like her any more. heres the best part..... the girl that said girls find me as a friend turns out to have emotions for me... so weve been best friends since 4th grade and we both like each other and now were dating! :Di never suspected us dating though... but thanx guys for helping me in my dark hours... keep running killjoys.

love sucks

ok, a month ago i started to talk to a person i like. it was good at first but after a while she started to seem like she wanted to get away from me. now she doesn't even talk to me. I discussed it with my best girl friend and she said that its how i am and girls find me as the kind of guy that is a close friend. so now im basically screwed. but it helped to know now that i won't be able to get a real girlfriend some time soon. but now i can help her with her problems. and now she left me for good. great. no help at all.


this weeks gonna be awesome! my friend is moving back down here from elsinore, im goin to the mcr concert at palladium on friday, my birthdays tomorrow, and memorial day is next monday! :D. but my mom got in a car accident with the bmw so that sux... oh well

Sing it for Japan

Crap!!!! MY creative writing class is making a banner for Sing it For Japan and we're not even done!!!!! T.T my teacher is going to be mad... but oh well im still goin to submit it anyway. Keep your gun close!!!

my life

My life is spiraling out of control. Half of my friends dont talk to me anymore, my dad thinks im gay because i showed him september's children by rise against, and the girl of my dreams is pushing away and ignoring me. this totally sux. the only one who really knows me is music and drumming. i put any and every bottled up emotion into drumming. its like a novocaine, it numbs me and my feelings. all my wories disapear when i drum, especially playing along to mcr.

the one girl ive fallen head over heals for wants to burn me into ashes and exclude me from her life.


So I have a problem. More like 2 & 1/2. There's this girl that likes me (theres a few but this one bugs me) and shes a bit of a stalker. my three best reasons: 1. She knows where I live and I barely know her. 2. She memorized my phone number. and 3. By memorizing my number she texted me with her dad's cell phone and acted like a stalker by texting me for three days. So if you could please comment ways of getting her off my back, that would be great. thanx!

P.S.- The 1/2 was a guy in is later 40s or early 50s who was followin me and asking weird questions.

Wut's up people

Hey people I'm kinda new at blogging and just signed up for mcr so if you guys can help me out in a way that would be great.

So a lot of people call me emo, but who cares. Just because I listen to these guys and melodic hardcore doesnt mean a thing. Oh well, cant change one track minds. If you have any band suggestions that are like rise against, mcr, linkin park, or ADTR, comment the band. Thanks.

One more thing, if you can sing, play guitar or bass, live in so cal, comment here. Im a drummer and my friend and i are interested in forming a band. Thanks!