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Killjoy Movie

An idea has been brought up upon us Killjoys….Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: The MOVIE! It’s got a ring to it as a MOVIE title, eh?
So anyway, if you think that it would be totally and spazztacularly awesome for the MCR guys to try to put something like this together…then sign below! you can put your Killjoy name, your real name, your nickname, your aunts name, your pets name...whatever floats your boat! long as you sign it!!!!! hahahaha

Let’s get this petition going, Killjoys!! I’ll start :)
sign and repost!

once again...for a MOVIE :) <3

1. Cyanide Apocalypse


just ignore this im testing something

People Don't Understand

So i've been dating this girl for about a week and a lot of my friends found out. They're happy for me (i highly doubt) but they all say "no. i cant see you having a relationship. why?" its like what the heck im just like you but i cant date anyone? its the same thing over and over. no one thinks of me of having a girlfriend. im not a geek or anything its just wtf


"what do you mean?"
"i gave you my love. but you threw it away just like all your other ex's."
"i didn't mean to. we were just not meant for eachother."
"we've been best friends since 3rd grade. why do you say were not meant for eachother. i know we shouldnt be a couple but its been three months of agony for me whenever i see your glare of hatred."
"kai, im sorry."
"sorry isn't going to cut it, like you cut my heart. angie i loved you. you kept me from.... my darkness. when we went out you said it would never end like rory and you. we would be back to normal. you promised."
"i did


my best playlist: song of the century: green day| 100 suns: 30 seconds to mars|
roadside: rise against| the mortician's daughter: black veil brides| last night on earth: green day| swing life away: rise against| you had me at hello: adtr| darkness: disturbed| cancer: my chemical romance| i miss you: blink 182| all by myself: green day (idk why)| hero of war: rise against| change tomorrow: like a st...orm| when its time: green day| blood: my chemical romance (idk y)| on the arrow: afi| my immortal: evanescence| if it means a lot to you: adtr| wake me up when september ends: green day| hello:

jacked from one1

Put your Ipod on shuffle and answer :)

1.How Are You Feeling Today?
Love Like Winter - AFI

2.Will I get Far In Life?
Situations - Escape The Fate

3.What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song?
Suffocate - Green Day

4. What is/Was High School Like?
Blood-Red, White & Blue - Rise Against

5.What is The Best Thing About Me?
Make It Stop (September's Children) - Rise Against (my ipod likes them :P)

6.How Was Yesterday?
Drive Away - All American Rejects

7.What is my Love Life Like?
The Mortician's Daughter - Black Veil Brides and Last Night On Earth - Green Day (it skipped bvb)

8.What will my Parents Say

worried, confused, and apathy.

ok so back in december i went through a tough time. i would think of suicide every day because it was so bad. i always thought that what i needed was someone to love and to go to when i needed help. then in april i got through and i havent thought of a gun or neuce at all. i even got that person to love. but lately ive been starting to feel depressed and sad like in december. i thought that a girlfriend would help keep me away from that and to not go back to that area but i was wrong. i dont know what im looking for, but nothing is helping. im back into a stage of apathy.

our dark times

hey guys just recently ive been thinking about my "phase". by phase i mean a time where i was cutting myself and had that hole in my chest from heart ache. my phase started in september when i met a girl. her name is elizabeth and i fell head over heels for her. the problem was i screwed up terribly. she ignored me for the longest time and i felt like i ruined my life forever. once december came i had a stage of apathy (no feelings). i was so shellshocked by pain that i barely talked. then by march my friend had enough and told me about twloha. her story helped my so much.


ok can anybody help me with the transmissions? all that shows up is static and nothing else. wtf does it do?

yesying didnt post my last blogDX