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3 years

So it's been 3 years since i've made this account. I feel like i should post more often but ever since March 22nd i haven't really had the motivation to post. Since that day a lot of things on here have changed. For those of you who are new on this website i would love to tell you how it used to be.
You think its great right now? It used to be better. So much better. I wish all of you were here to see it back then. It was amazing, so many of us getting all together, we'd draw pictures for each other, come up with characters, create a new world, and improved better world, we'd talk, laugh, some up with names for each other and even ex-change e-mails. I know, weird xD but it was great. Everyone was so helpful and supportive. I don't know i guess it just felt different.

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Too fucking awkward

This morning i had to go shopping cause there was no food in the house. So i went there and was too awkward to pick up a basket and ended up dropping everything i had in my arms that was enough embarrassment so i decided to go into the self pay turns out the one i went to doesn't work, that's okay i'll go to the next and last one, i drop everything on the way again, but it's still okay so i put everything on the metal thing and it turns out that lane is also closed and this woman tells me to just go to the till so i do and i FUCKING DROP EVERYTHING AGAIN and i never really used a debit card at the till before so im panicking like what if i do everything wrong and they know that its not my card and i get arrested for stealing someones identity anyway everything went okay, i walked out of the shop after calming myself, then i tripped and fell on my face.

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Moving... again.

So i moved again, this time to London!
I mean don't get me wrong it's really cool here, especially coming from the north of England but moving is kinda getting annoying now.
I hear you ask why
Well this is my 4th country and 17th city that i've lived in. So yea that's been fun! -_-
Wish me good luck at my new school cause im going to need it.

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HI GUYS! Well um i haven't talked to anyone on here since like 2011-2012 and i just wanted to say if anybody wants to talk, you can talk to me. I'm pretty much always here :)
Isn't this exciting!
I am so tempted to 'sign out' with my killjoy name here
and write 'keep running' or some inspirational quote

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This is the first i have posted since 2012, oh and i made this account exactly two years ago which is crazy! So i was going through all my old messages and i realised how much love us. killjoys/revengers/mcr fans whatever you want to call yourslf, it's amazing how much care we had for each other, and did little favours like draw something for someone, or put them in a fancition. We had created a whole world for ourselves, where its better than the reality, we made up our own characters as a killjoy, we gave them a look, a personality, a history and a future. We names ourselves, for example my killjoy name was Starlight Destruction at first in 2010 but a year later when i came up with Inevitable Nightmare and this day i still wear my bracelet that says my killjoy name on it and i've worn it for the past 2-3 years. I forgot what this bracelet meant, what my name meant, everything about how the stories and world we made for ourselves, and how many friends we've made on here.

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Hey oh and IT'S A FANFIC I WROTE! It's good to be back here :'3

HEEY! So i haven't been here for a LONG time and i bet no one missed me. I have so much to tell you guys!

First of all, RIP MItch Lucker, i love you and i always will. You were such an inspiration to people. You still are. Love you <3

Secondly, my sister saw Muse last night and she bought me a bracelet. Its amazing! Oh and i saw James Bond Skyfall today. IT WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING!!

And lastly i wrote this fanfic and i'm not sure if i should carry on with it. Read and tell your opinion please? xx

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So this is going to be my last blog as a Killjoy and i wont blog untill the new album. I really love the Danger Days and being a Killjoy and i will never forget it! so Bye!

Inevitable Nightmare signing out.
Keep Running.

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i dont know....

I REALLY love the new website layout and i mean it is amazing and im really really excited for the new album and im really happy that they're darker again but i dont know im gonna miss Danger Days and Zone 6 and Killjoys....but anyway THEY'RE BACK!!!!

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im back!!

HELLOOOO EVERYONE IM BACK! so if you were worrying bout me (which you probably wont be) im not dead im back! i kinda stopped blogging after a while but im starting again and if you wanna follow me on twitter im called Neon_Panda_... ive gone slightly hyper cause im kinda a tired and when im tired i go hyper... i dont know what to do so i started talking to my ceiling which i think is quite normal unless it isnt! so how has everyone been? are you glad that im not dead and im back? :DDDDDDDD