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What would you do.?

If one of your really close friends told you she was in love with your boyfriend of a year, and drunk-texted him all the time begging him to be with her, and argued with you about he should have been with her..What would you do.? Would you still be friends with her.? I don't know what to do. He refuses to speak to her or have anything to do with her, so I know my relationship is safe in that regard, but she won't stop. She was a really good friend before she started all this, and I don't know if I should stop being friends with her or not.

Ugh, school you get in the way of everything.

I have Mama stuck in my head and its the middle of the day. I need my freakin' Ipod back! I cant wait to graduate sdljfs;lkdfjlkasjdf

Today could not get any worse.

Exboyfriends being an ass. Teacher took my phone. I'm failing so many classes I have to go to Alternative School. My medication isn't really taking affect anymore. Why does everything all have to crash at once.?! ):


There's only a few songs that make me cry, and man, I've listened to them all today. The World is Ugly, The Light Behind Your Eyes, I Don't Love You, and a break from the favorite band; Hero of War by Rise against.

The emotions are just too much. ; n;