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I'm so happy that this website was created so we could all gather here and be there for each other! I'm so thankful for the MCRmy, and all the friends I've made here and help and advice I've gotten from you guys. Friends in my real life are always great of course, but its just really refreshing to come here and see how supportive we all are to each other and how we all connect and bond over truly amazing music<3

Indecision ;-; help.?!

I'm getting thigh pieces. They are Black Parade themed, because that album invoked a shit ton of emotion in me and I feel really connected and in love with it. The two marching band men, one on each thigh. Around one of them is gonna be the qoute, "Would you be the savior of the beaten, the broken and the damned?" But I can't decide which qoute to put on my other leg.
"It was a lie when they smiled and said, You won't feel a thing"
"When you go would you have the guts to say, I don't love you like I loved you yesterday"
"And without you is how I disappear, and live my life alone


Six hours of Physics has really paid off! I'm done! :DD I'm done with everything except Precal, I should be graduated in two weeks. I can't believe how happy I am right now! :33

Death to the Infidels.

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this, it just happens to the be the short story I just read. xD So, I am currently doing six periods of Physics, one period of Precalculus and one period of Business Management. This literally makes me wanna die. I am so tired of this being so hard and failing so much, and I've seriously been thinking about dropping out. The only thing really stopping me is that I want to make my boyfriend and little sisters proud of me. Dilemmas, dilemmas.
On a side note, who here likes Deathnote.? It's become a recent obsession of mine. :33

Lifes been hectic, Killjoys.

So I switched schools, and I've actually been working so hard that I've achieved 3 credits in five days. It's pretty incredible :3 But so thats why I havent been on, as well as stupid drama. Does high school bullshit ever stop.?): But anyways, how have you guys been.?

Slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive.

How do you handle someone saying that she wants to kill herself without your boyfriend in her life.? I mean really, I thought we were past this. (same girl from my last post about my friend wanting to be with my boyfriend.) She upped her game and was like, without him I feel so alone and like I have nothing left to live for. Herpderp girl. You dated for barely a month, a year and a half ago. He and I have been together for a year now. GET OVER IT. I mean, I try to be understanding and nice, and I swear, I'm the most forgiving person in the world.

How horrifying.

That moment when the person you love most in the world, doesn't want to be alive anymore. How am I supposed to help him, when he won't even tell me. Instead he puts it on Tumblr. ._. I'm so sad.


Sleeping with Sirens
The Beatles
The Used
Suicide Silence (RIP Mitch

I'm the best kind of mess.

Does anyone know the band Get Scared.? I've absolutely fallen for them.(:

My best friend's getting married .-.

Talk about a shocker. My other friends on her way there because she wants to kill herself and I told her mom/school counselor. One of my other close friends needs "to talk to me about something important", we'll see how that goes. It's like they all got together and decided to drop big news at the same time ; n;