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Just an update on my incredibly(NOT)interesting life

I finished my babysitting job for the summer. FUCK YEAH. Just in case anybody was wondering (probably not), I will probably post part two of that story I started but haven't titled yet between tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm working on it right now and it's DEFINITELY a work in progress. If you happen to read it and like it (probably not) or if you have some constructive criticism (that's more like it) leave a comment please! I have noticed that the site has been dying, but LoneStar has been doing a great job getting everybody to help keep it alive and busy.

Lonestar's second challenge

I think KillJoys and the KillJoy family represent the people on this earth that are brave enough to say fuck the rest of the world without being assholes. A lot of people look at punk(for a lack of a better word, not to offend anybody!) kids like assholes because we don't care what people think of us. We are going to dance and sing and dress and talk and do everything we want like nobody is watching or listening. We are the people that others wish to be because we are so open and free.

Challenge Accepted

I already posted on my favorite movies but being the fucking genius I am I accidentally left it as a comment on LoneStar's blog. YAY FOR STUPIDITY!!! So now I'll post a joke. So a man and his wife get pulled over on their way home from vacation. The cop comes up and says' "Sir, I'm going to have to give you a ticket. Your right tail light is out." The man says, "Yes sir. I'm sorry I didn't realize it." His wife looks at him and says, "Honey, you've known about that tail light for a long time. You just never went to get it fixed." The man shoots his wife a look that just said to shut up.


Guys, this site is dying! Your fellow Killjoys are reaching out for help or just trying to talk to people, but nobody is doing anything! Almost everything is spam! Come on guys! I know the band is broken up but that doesn't mean the site needs to die! People come on here to meet friends, talk about MCR, reach out for help, all sorts of stuff but nobody is responding at all! WAKE UP KILLJOYS!!!!! MAKE SOME NOISE!!! DO IT NOW AND DO IT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning: Depressing

I'm sorry that I keep posting depressing stuff but I need to get this stuff out. Have you ever been depressed and have not a single fucking idea why? I don't have a hard life at all. I have a good life but I'm just not happy. I'm not ungrateful by any means. I'm so blessed and I am thankful for that but I'm not happy on the inside. I fight this battle everyday and only one person knows about it but I think she pretends I'm happy like I do.


****"I became insane through long intervals of horrible sanity." -Edgar Allen Poe****
Anybody else other than me relate to this?

New Fucking York!!

I'm super excited that I finally got my hands on The Black Parade! FUCK YEAH!! I know I'm pretty late and they sell it here on the site but I don't have a credit or debit card and my mom is a paranoid freak sometimes. So thank God for eBay! Anyway, I went to New York in like March and I instantly fell in love with the city. I have planned my future around moving to New York City. I just want to pack a bag and go right now, even just to walk around Times Square and look around. New York City is my favorite place in the entire world and I would give anything to go right now.

Is it really good for you?

So anytime I ask my friend for advice she tells me to follow my heart. Well what do you do when your heart tells you you are worthless? That you're going to die alone, that you don't deserve anybody or anything, that you should just run away and never come back? My heart tells me that I should just end everything and let the world carry on. My death isn't going to make a difference to the world. I'm the socially awkward outcast that lives in the middle of nowhere. I don't get invited to parties, I don't get asked to dances(I went to both of my middle school dances alone.

Is it really good for you?

So anytime I ask my friend for advice, they say to follow my heart. Well this is what i understand when i try to do that.
***If i have ten apples and you have eleven ice cubes, how many pancakes can fit on the roof? Well of course the answer is purple, because aliens don't wear hats!***
When my heart tells me that I'm not worth anything, that I'm going to die alone, that nobody wants me and that I don't deserve anybody, that's what I'm supposed to do? Just end everything and let the world carry on? It's not like my death is really going to affect the world.

Please leave feedback

Ok, so I'm trying to write, but I fucking SUCK at writing. This is my epically failed attempt. If you like it please let me know. If not, I'm open to criticism and ideas. Enjoy!
"Mr. Blanch, I highly suggest that you stay after school for some tutoring or apply yourself to your schoolwork as much as you do coloring your hair."
Ledger was used to hearing this when he received his test grades.
"You're just jealous I have hair," he mumbled as Mr. Anderson turned to walk away.
"Ledge, let it go," Pandora said, trying to calm him down.