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I need a friend

I need a friend please. Does anybody want to be my friend?

August 11! Don't Forget!!!

Hey Killjoys! Just a reminder, today is August 11, so don't forget to write "Very much alive" on you somewhere in support of Gerard's sobriety!!

August 11! Don't Forget!!!

Hey Killjoys! Just a reminder, today is August 11, don't forget to write "Very much alive" somewhere on you in support of Gerard's sobriety!

I need feed back please.

So a few days ago I mentioned that I want tattoos. I need to know if this is creepy. I think I want a portrait of Gerard on my side, nothing sexual or anything, just his face on my rib cage. Is that creepy? He is just my IDOL and I love him so much. If I ever met him, I really think I would pass out or something and then cry when I had to leave him. He is just.... I can barely put it into words. He is beautiful inside and out and a flat out blessing to every life he touches. He has saved my life. I need to at least attempt to repay him

All I want

All I want is for somebody to love me and not abandon me when they see the skeletons on my closet. Somebody to put their arms around me and tell me everything is going to be okay, somebody to listen to music with and talk to all the time. Somebody to say, "I love you and I will never leave you." Somebody to love me for me and all my scars and failures. Somebody to always be there when I'm down or to keep me going when I finally don't fuck things up(right, like that will happen). Somebody to stop the hurt, to stop the pain, to stop the blood and scars.

Volleyball practice

I'm a team captain this year! It is my last year in JV. According to the conference rules, I have to move up to Varsity next year. I'm not a very good athlete in any way, I'm very uncoordinated, so I'm only a captain by seniority. I may not be a very good athlete, and I say this trying not to sound arrogant at all, but I do know what I'm talking about. I've spent a lot of time on the bench watching and learning the game so I do know what the hell I'm talking about.

Volleyball practice

So this will be my last year playing JV volleyball. Next year I will have to move up to the varsity team according to the conference rules. So I'm a team captain this year!!! That's a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because it means that I will be the leader of the team and I'm naturally a leader(not trying to be arrogant. I'm really not that good of a player, just a captain by seniority). I like to step up and take charge and organize and so on.

oh fucking well

I know I just posted literally less than five minutes ago but is anybody else having technical problems with the site? I can't click the next button to look at other blogs. The next icon is not on my screen anywhere


Hey guys, so I know I said I would have the next part of that story up by today but I have had so much going on, between volleyball practice (team captain this year! FUCK YEAH!) and community service for school (NOT for having a record or anything) and just flat out writers block. I'm still working on it and if you want me to try to incorporate you in it somewhere, message me a little about you and I will try my hardest to get you in the story. I can't make any promises. I've been working on it and I have so many ideas for it.


Hey everybody. I'm in a pretty shitty mood right now but I'm going to be as happy as I can for this post. FUCKING UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS RIGHT? Anyway, I've been thinking about tattoos I want to get when I'm old enough. I think society overreacts to people with tats and I just don't get it. As long as somebody doesn't have like "Hail Hitler" or something truly offensive what's so bad about them? I'm going to put tattoos on spots I can easily cover up(unless it's a sleeve.