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To be named later...

Hi everybody. I know I post this a lot, but it seems like a lot more people are hurting inside and don't know what to do about it. I don't know if this will help anybody, but you are so much better than the pain you are feeling. PLEASE don't take it out on yourself. Despite what may be going through your head, you DO NOT deserve the pain you feel or plan to inflict on yourself. Please don't cut, don't starve, don't take those drugs, don't burn, don't do anything that will damage the body that you have been blessed with.

Umm.. yeah

I don't really know what to post about. All I know is I wanna post so here I am :) Oh... my mom and therapist seem to think I might be bipolar.... I really hope not because if I do go into the army I can't be on any medication and with bipolar I will have to stay on meds. :b
Stay precious my lovelies!!!
xoxo, Brokenup



I'll try to make this a regular thing again :)

Hey guys. I'm going to try to make blogging a regular thing again :) Not that my blog is that popular but... anyways, how is everybdoy doing? If you are feeling down or just want to talk, please message me. I am not a busy person. I WILL have or make time for you. Nothing is too petty to ask for help with and I love you guys so much. Message me and stop pretending you are okay. You don't have to pretend to be what you aren't, especially around here. We all have our share of problems and working them out together can help you and give others a new perspective on things.

I'm still here

Hey guys. I haven't posted since... damn I don't remember. I have been here though, checking messages, checking in on my peeps. How is everybody doing? Hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday season. Love you guys and I am still and always will be here for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GUYS.
Love my peeps!!!!!!!!!
xoxo, Brokenup

My peeps...

Hi guys. My dad decided to have the surgery. He went in for the anesthesia at 9 and he should be in surgery right now almost done actually. Just an update. Thanks for the prayer and support!! How are yall doing? Did you have a great Hallo(Iero)ween? Do you need to talk about anything? I'm always here to help and never judge you :) Message me if you want to!! I love you all!!
Stay precious my lovelies!!!!!!
xoxo, Brokenup


HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT ONE PUNKIN'!!!!!!!!!! And happy Halloween to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really sorry but..

I gotta tell yall what happened yesterday. So I had my first therapy session scheduled for yesterday. All day I was shaking and crazy nervous and then at lunchtime my mom pulls me into the hall and says she has to cancel it because my dad has to go to the hospital. A few summers ago his left lung partialy collapsed like 10% and they gave him a surgery that glued his lung to his ribcage to prevent it from collapsing again.

Well dang....

Hey everybody. I know I haven't been on here in a while but I've actually been floating around, answering messages and stuff. I'm not going to put up here why I haven't been blogging and stuff because I don't want to depress anybody any further. So... How has everybody been? From the looks of it a lot of people are reaching out for help. Always know that I am always here for anybody that needs to talk. I won't judge you by any means and I promise to be as helpful as I can. Don't be afraid to reach out for help anywhere you can get it. People do listen and people will help you if you ask them.

I'm working on it...

Three weeks clean guys!! I'm getting there... Still haven't heard from a counselor like I was supposed to THREE WEEKS AGO. But I'm getting there. If you are struggling with something, please talk to somebody, even if it's just me. You are string enough, you are worth it, you are incredible. Stay strong my precious Kill joys
Stay precious my lovelies!!!!
xoxo, Brokenup