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how to ask my mom to go to an MCR concert?!?!

well..the title says all! I really want to go to an MCR concert! The closest one to my home town is the one in San Francisco! hopefully when i ask she'll say yes since she already told me she'll let me go to concerts now. Sadly, both my sisters don't like MCR (There is something wrong with them lol) so i have no idea who will take me!
i have to take an adult with me and I know my mom wont go
I really want to go to it!!! wish me luck!!! :)

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!! :D

Happy Birthday Mikey! Hes such an awesome bass player!
Hope Mikey has a great birthday!! :D


im so new to this it amuses me alot for no apparent reason.
anyways its hot here and im dying of the heat.
i am going to go eat icecream and hear MCR all day!