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gerard way you saved my life.

guys i know this is new for me to do this but i love mcr. the things geard has said in the past is true. so im going to let you guys read the three qouts geard way has said and you tell me wich one is the best . to me there all good but i wanna know what you all think. briitanyoattersonmcr out!

im never going to homecoming!

i will never go to homecoming again only because of people to my school. there always making fun of me! my homecoming date never showed. he called me and told me that we will never be together again. i hate this town this is my own personal hell!!!!!
i will never go again. i will have a boyfriend only because of what i look like. as i write this im crying my eyes out only because i know its true. i will die alone!!!!!!

to peolpe at middletown highthis is what i think

people ar middletown high are assholes they never give me a chance they just look at me and say im a fatass hoe. but you guys have showed me that i can be me. and i thank you guys so this pixs is to middletown high

me at school is such a drag!!

me at school! this place blows. thisis what this mcrmy looks like at school!

never more

if you a fan of eger allen poe the raven then we can all hear vensent price say the word never more. now if you all have seen a vensent price movie tell what your faverit is cuz mine is edward sisser hands

sometimes i hate being me

when im at school. somtimes ill sit with someone but i always get left behind. i just wish someone can help me. but thank god i have you guys to talk to because im alone.

having fun

hey my awsome kiljoys im suppost to pick a gothic yet fun theme for my b-day party and i need some help!! im going to be 17 soon and im stuck so can you help a girl out.

mcr tatoos you pick!!

hey my fabules killjoys which tatoo do you think i should get? pick one two or three

woo hoo... my done with math for good!!!!

today i finishd math and soon im going to be a senier at age 17 tell me if thats awsome!!! give me a comment and tell me what you think

im so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so tired of not having someone to spend the rest of my life with.
im so tired of people putting me down.
im so tired of beong the last one picked for a game
why are people doing this to me.
why cant they just leave.
heaven help me.
i cant find my way home.
i just need someone.
see no one
the only thing ihave is mcr.
i know they wont leave me.