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new life

today i start a new life. i have onley a few classes left in school and i will be done. i will hopfuly be done this time next year in school then i will go to new york and go to school of visual art. and become a comic book artist im so happy about that. my dream is to work with gerard way in his comics and maby work for the band in desing there logos. killjoys i want to know what your dreams are? i love to meet new people and talk to them so let me know.

brittanypattersonmcr out

listen up killjoys

hey my killjoys i want to give mcr an idea for a video from conventional weapons we have had some of the songs but what would you like as a video from it me personaly boy divison and the world is ugly tell me what you think would be a good video you never know we mite help them with a new video. :)

my faverit song

this is awsome from jimmy kimmal

the new mcr

guys i was on google today and looked up mcr they have changed but not to much so mcr to me you look fucking awsome no matter what you do. my friend monica sent me this so i could have another mcr pic. but what she didnt tell me was that she met gerard way at the comic con
and i was so mad cuz i couldn't go and she rubbed it in my face thats the first pic second is an older pic during the black parade and third is now
post me what you think

help me

hey guys i need your help. how can i convence my parents to let me be an artiest. ive shown you guys my art work but my mom says that i mite not make it far in that busniness i wont to work for famley guy or american dad

to the victoms famley in newtown

[Post edited: Posting leaks of the band's songs is strictly prohibited here. This is their OFFICIAL website, not just some fansite that they'll never see. The band clearly do not wish for the songs to be public yet, so please have more respect.]

my chemical romance kids from yesterday

i love this tell me what you think?

dark me

this is me when im really pissed and its me as mcr

this song is called cold dark knight

let me know what you think?

as i sit on the eage of my bed
drinking a glass of cold red wine
thinking what will come for me
where is my knight,my cold dark knight
where can he be, oh i need him to help me
please come my knight i need you to reascue me
(verse 2)
i opened the window, looking at the most butiful sky
as the wind blew my hair
i know that he is looking for me
where is he now i need him to find me
where is my knight, my cold dark knight
where can he be, oh i need him to help me
please come my knight, i need you to come and rescue me
i think that

more groups i love

let me know what songs you like by these guys