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Still schocked sad girl

Still can't believe MCR is no more. My best friend who was also my love would
Sing really load to their songs anywhere we were. We'd get weird looks but
shook them off. She was way far gone in depression because of family. I was
really messed up because of mine but it got to her worse. By the ninth grade
she was getting better but passed away. Then I became hollow for four years.
We would listen to My Chemical Romance and look up to them. They showed
Us that it's okay to be different and yourself no matter what names your called.
So thank-you to them :)

Shocked sad girl staying strong

Still shocked MCR is no longer. I had a best friend who was also my love since 7th grade.
She passed our freshmen year.
On rock star day she went as Gerard and told me to go as Amy Lee for fun.
We would always sing really load in class to My Chemical Romance anywhere we were. We got teased for it and just shrugged saying whatever.
She was a depressed girl and I was too over family. My dad and for her her father and times mom
. But she and I looked up to MCR because they had us feel like there is hope and no matter how different you are don't change because people will like you for you.