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ALMOST 2012!!!!!

I feel like crying! I don't know whether its that "time of the month again" or cause its looking back on the memories of 2011. Rumors go that the world ends 12-21-12. I'm kinda scared to shit about that. This might be our last year so we better make it last. Make it perfect ..and make it worth it!
Again I think I'm getting emotional! . Someone please respond!

ALMOST 2012!!!!!

Not too long until 2012! (Well for us anyway)I'm so pumped for the mew year!
Is anyone still on? I feel like talking
comment or message
Id prefer message

help me

Still haven't figured out how to change the profile pic... but the phone I have os an android. Sprint. And usually it lets me on other things but I dunno.
Any advice?

help me

Okay, so I'm on my phone. Does anyone have any idea how to change the profile pic? I tried EVERYTHING! Please help. ( comment or message )


Happy birthday Haley! (Singer of paramore)

i need help writing a song

Ok I can't decide what to write a song about! Someone help!!!
I wrote down some choices : I could write a song about: ( please vote)
sorta like party poison
what I'm doing
based on a book (what book?)
annoying siblings
Nagging parents
Song about a song or music
or pants
OTHER (such as:) please comment back or aend a message. I check every hour

snow day!

We're leaving to moms appointment and its so snowy!!! Like 4 accedents so far. Blizzard oh yeah...

buried alive (song)

Hey so here's a song I wrote, please give feedback. Its sorta cheesy, so if I ad instrumental, it would probably sound better! Please comment. Any changes I need to make? Let me know. Here it goes:

I'm stuck,
Stuck here forever,
no space,
none whatsoever,
Completely smashed,
left here like a glob of trash,

I'm buried alive,
I'm burning alive,
No way to virmiculate,
Am I gonna die?
I've got no faith,
Left me feeling
Completely paralyzed

I wonder
How much time
I have
In this box
My knuckles
Bloody and my
Knees scraped up

Chorus (second paragraph )

the contest

Contest ends in one min!!!

good luck

GOOD LUCK TO THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST!!!!!! whoever wins, I hope people don't get mad.