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question of the day

When your parent/guardian starts going off at you (for example,sayin u need to grow up, stop talking back, calling u fat or ugly or retarded. Etc...)
What do u do to get over it and deal with it?
(Get it all the time from my dad. Even when he's just joking)


If u read my blog earlier, its "the bam" well, dad got back at me while I was in the b- room and he pushed me in the shower and turned the water on (cold) I have NO IDEA how I'm gonna get him back. Any suggestions?

akward question of the day:

Do you think you have a nice body?
Please comment if ur male or female.
the reason I'm asking is because I heard people yelling at eachother yelling back and forth that they have nice bods.
I know weird but just comment. It was the only q. Of the day I could think of

cant believe it!

well... I watched the game today. Steelers lost and broncos won. I was sure theyde win. Poor big ben hurt his foot so i thought it was an even play.Oh well. Congrats tebow and team. Yaaay...

look this up on youtube!!

Oh my gosh. I saw tbis vid called " MY CHEM ROMANCE DOES LAUNDRY FOR FIVE MINUTES" idk why but I find it hilarious! The music cracks me up, I love the way gerard throws the shirt in the washer and looks at the camera like wtf! The guys look funny in the backround. Look it up and tell me whatcha think please.

question of the day:

How many people do you think get bullied each day and why? Is there a way to stop it? If so, how?
Please comment

steelers vs broncos and not a big fan o Tebow

Okay so there's a football game this weekend. And it is between the Denver Broncos and the 0Pittsburgh steelers. I live in denver but I'm going for the steelers. See, I'm not a big fan of TEBOW. All I ever hear is tebow this and tebow that. I am sick of it! Yeah he's a good influence and all. Om just not a big fan!


i bought new fish today!

Well I got new fish today (chiclids or somehin like that) and there are 5. There was a black one with neon violet stripes (the pretty one) I named him gerard and the rest frankie ray bob and mikey! I would have gotten a furry freind but dad and my bro are allergic. I love my mcr fish!

my new yr/s. resolutions

Alright. Well, I have many:
1:not let people get in my way or others'. (Like if bullying occurs)
2: get better at music (playing guitar and writing lyrics)
3: donate as much possible
4: improve grades and behavior/attitude
5: loose weight
6: do the "bam margera" to my dad for new years.
7: get my ass off the couch and help mom more.
8: change - attitude to a + attitude so people will stop calling me emo
9:join a supportive band.
And go from there.
Any of u have resolutions? Please don't hesitate to comment. Please share8#

happy new years!

Happy new years everyone! Gerard, family and band, i hope familys doing good. THANK YOU MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORT TWD MUSIC. I LOVE YOUR ART. NEVER LET ANYBODY TELL U DIFFERENT. YOUR MUSIC HAS CHANGED MILLIOND OF LIVES. I WISH I COULD BE WHERE UR AT NOW AND BE A MUSICIAN youce inspired me to believe and not let aything get in my way. You've inspired me to SING when I'm down.
Happy effing new years everyone!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!