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alright. funny videos

So look up on youtube IM A SNAKE and IM A BEE. I find those videos hilarious. Tell me what u think.

yay me (sarcasticly)

Oh yaaay. Two more days till my birthday. Wonder what I'm gonna do
Turning 14. Blah.

question of the day

Okay, what did you think of mcr's new music video "THE KIDS FROM YESTERDAY" ?
please comment


Okay. So the valentines dance is nxt month and does anyone know where to get a HELENA DRESS? I mean, I've seen people wear it and I REEEEAAALLLLYY want one. 1st of all. I'm sure my dad wont let me get it and 2: I need it for cheap. So does anyone know where I can get one?


So, by tryin to get rid of the incedent that happened yesterday, I went to one of my teachers classroms (while he had a class at the moment. I wasn't in that class) I went in and yelled "MR FRESE!!!! DO U HAVE ANY LOTION??? ITS AN EMERGENCY!!!" and he gave me the lotion. Sure enough itvwrked. But some people still remember


Oh my gosh. Today in gym, we were doing wrestling. The guy I liked said "u should get out there and fight keya" (MY BEST FREND) I asked him why and he said id kick her ass. So I took her. I body slammed her. And sure enough she beat me. DURING THE MATCH, I HEARD THE GUYS SAYING " OOOOHHHH!!!" I LOOKED. DOWN AND MY SHIRT WAS UP ABOVE MY BRA. I. WAS SOOO EMBARRASSED. I swear I would have beaten her if my shirt didn't go up. She did it by accedent. I asked for a rematch. Coach said no. I've been upset about it all day. Yes. The dude I liked saw EVERYTHING!!!
The guy that I liked, well his

question of the day

In your oppinion, and what is my chemical romance's #1 song of ALL TIME and why?

question of the day

In your oppinion, and what is my chemical romance's #1 song and why?

question of the day

If u like someone and they don't like u back, is it just a good idea to just get over the person u like? Or just keep trying? Or other

im confused

Question 4 both guys and chix: what r signs if a dude likes u? Dudes, what do u do when u like a girl, and how do u act around the person u like? Like like