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i got detention for thowin a tampon at some kid. WTF! at least it wasnt used... right???


Okay well I am really nervous and I have no idea why. I can't sleep and I'm bearly eating at all. Any tips on how to ge rid of the nervousness??

best day ever

OOOOOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOOSSSHHH!!!!!!!! okay so like I said before, me and my friend would have a comp to. Ee who would be the singer. Instead. We made a deal: WE WILL WALK AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND WHOEVER GETS A GUY FIRST, THATS WHO WILL BE THE SINGER. So we were in the school and there was this dude and he like held the door for us. And my friend said "nice board." He had a skateboard. And when we went in I walked back out and asked him if he wanted to hang out with us and he said okay. So we talked for a while and he's like "do u want my number?" And I said yes.

new band!

Well. I hung out with my friénd today. She wanted to make a band. Punk/rock. I said ok. So we can't decide who the singer will be. Me or her. Were gonna have a compitition. For now, she's the drummer. And I'm elect. 1. Were gonna ask gage (dude illike) to be our bassist. Hope he sais yes. And right now, the band name is disney Gone wrong.


I'm soooo mad! Dad wouldn't let me go to the dance cause he thinks I'm gonna be a whore or somethin! He wont even let me wear a dress because "its easy acsess" although dreses arnt my thing
I told my mom and she said he was just tryin to be protective. What the hell does that even mean?!
I guess he trusts me but not other people. (Boys)
So when people talk about it and say it was fun I'm gonna tell them to SHUT THE EF UP ABOUT IT ALREADY! sorry I'm just mad

hee hee

i love this guy. he has a video called IM A SNAKE its funny cause hes kinda stupid. heres some pics


love that pic. anyway , theres a dance on friday. i think im gonna crash it!

Question of the day

What is your thought on animal abuse?
please add detail. Not saying its okay.
Please comment


Okay not sure if that's even how u spell clueless.
Now as u know, gerard says somthin about the "hotel bella muerte" in the song THE JETSET LIFE IS GONNA KILL YOU. I looked that up and there's a mcr website on it. I had no idea. And
was anyone else aware of this?

question of the day

(I do, I have one and I LOVE 'EM)