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MCR takes over MTV

I know I have postet this before, but dudes please nottice:
in the end of this video Mikey SMILES!! Smiles!! Mikey Way is smiling, and that's just like oh my fucking god!!
Only time I have ever seen Mikey smile. It's like a miracle to see Mikey smiling. And at the same time u will find out,
that he has a nice smile!! It's a cute and just great smile.
Here it's: Mikeys smile
So long people


so I think that everybody in here is great, and totally nice people, so anyone who wants is welcome to be my friend:)
So long people

Birthday present

So one of my friends is buying a car, and I'm helping him pick it. But he's not just buying a car - it's a birthdaypresent for my best friend. And it's not just any car - it's a Ferrari. He is such a nice person!

Worldst best band? I don't think so

Before u freak out over the title, let me explain:
one of my good friends wrote on facebook, that this pop band was the best in the whole world.
It kinda piss me of. Mostly 'cause the band sucks, and 'cause I haven't sleept alot this weekend, so I'm in a bad mood.
Of course I wrote a comment that said that I don't like them, and My Chemical Romance rules the univers. I asked the question when had the pop band ever saved someones live? And told that MCR saves peoples lives. All the time.


Hi everybody
U r all so nice, and everybody who wants can follow me on twitter:
So long people


Hi everybody
I'm so bored so..

Name: Benedicte
Age: 14 almost 15
Status: single, but not very long ;)
Sexuality: straight
Nicknames: Bene, Boenne, Krymmel
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown, golden in sunlight
Favorite Color: blue
Day/Night: night
Favorite Food: to many to decide

Do you ever wish you had another name: yea
Do you like anyone: maybe :O
Which one of your friends acts most like you: Katharina
Who's the loudest: Sabina
When you cried the most: when my granny and granddad died
The best feeling i the world: in love
The worst feeling: sorrow

Lets walk

Funny Danish webside

well i found this realy funny danish website. here is some questions, they call "the big questions" from it:
If a person with a split personality threatens to kill himself, is it a hostage situation?
Wasn't it boring to invent the first telephone?
If the police arrest a dumb man, and they put him in handcuffs. He can sue them to prevent him from being heard?
Is there another word for synonym?
What happens if you've been half dead with fright 2 times?
How come the guy who runs snowploughs, to work in the morning?
Why do you screws down the volume when you are sitting in the car and can not

Avatar 3D

Well, I was in the movies, seeing it yesterday with my best friend. It was so cool!! It was supposed to start at 8 in the eveing, but for some reason, it started 8:30. It wasn't what nice :( But dude, when it first was started, OMG it was just brilliant!!
So long people

MCR taking over MTV

Bob and Frank talk over one another!! Dude, what's funny!!

Poor Gerard and evil Frank

All I can say is: poor Gerard, and Frank is evil in this clip
Wanna watch Frank as evil? Watch this.
It gotta hurt real bad, but it shows how pro Gerard is