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hey nice people (nice people=MRC-fans)
had a nice weekend? i had... i was in Tivoli (Copenhagen, Denmark) and it was gosy, but there was a lot people

the questions everybody answer

5 facts
1. middle name: don't have one
2. astrological sign: aquarius
3. eye color: blue
4. birthday: 7. februar 1995
5. home state: hey, i'm from Denmark

5 favorites
6. fave movie: so many
7. fave book: the twilight saga
8. fave candy: chocolate
9. fave make-up: don't realy use so...
10. fave magazine: Danish magazin called Vi Unge (we are young)

5 things
11. my motto is: Live life. You don't have it forever
12. i can't find my: the question is that can i find
13. my friends say that i am: wird, and i take that as a compliment
14. my parents were going to call me: Regithze, and thank god


im just curious. how old are people and long have they been fan of MCR? im 14 and been fan for 6 years


Just sitting, and surfing on the net. Just found a funny, random site. I write the address later.
C u all later. Love u guys <33