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I'm back!

Hello everybody!
I know, I've been away for far too long, and my apologies to the MCRmy, killjoys and the guys.
The reason for my absence is that my computer crashed, and I only can get online once in a while, when I can borrow a computer, which means I can't go on here as often as I would like to, sadly.
Anyway, I'm still at my boarding school, enjoying it, eventhough I'm having a bad period, with my depression. It's bad right at the moment, but I get through it. It would be wonderful to be able to go on here, and find some comfort, 'cause I know this is where I always can find it.

New poems

So, I wrote these two poems today, while listening to music, which of course affected them.

This first one, I wrote while having Last resort with Papa Roach on replay. It's called Theater of life.

I'm running
I have no goal
I'm not trying to reach
I'm trying to escape

I'm running
Running from the past
Trying to forget
Trying to pretend

I put on the mask
Every single day
A mask of smiles
Happiness and cheerfull laughter

It's because I have to
It's because I need to
To survive, no one can know
So I smile

I pretend everything's just fine
That it never happened
That there's no ghosts in my past


I really love his singing voice


Okay, so this is a video of one of my friends, singing. He's a really great singer, if you ask me. He doesn't believe me, when I tell him, he sings good, which I think is kinda sad. Anyway, enjoy!

Six Billion Secrets

Hello fellow soldiers
So, I was on Six Billions Secrets, and I saw this post about My Chem, and how their music stopped a kid from self harm. This made me so happy and proud. It's just one proof of the enormous effects they have <3
This is the post:

Look alive sunshine!


Hello my fellow killjoys
So, I'm home for the weekend, or more precis, I'm home at my dads.
He allowed me to install Firefox on his computer, which is great, no more Internet Explorer =D
This is gonna be a pretty short blog, but it's still a blog, so whatever.
Anyways, right now, I'm just chilling with some tea and homemade cookies. God, that's deliciuos. I can hear the TV on in the living room, so I think I'll go join the old man :P

Keep fighting!

Yes, I change my goodbye every blog at the moment, I know it's not the usually me, but I'm trying to figure out, which will be my next


Well, I have decided I really need to get back into my old habbit with updating often, just like I used to do, and checking the site every day. So, here I am, updating for the second day in a row, which is great :) I really hope I can live my newest decision out, because quit frankly it can be a challenge when my computer doesn't work, and I have to borrow my roomies every time I want/need to get online. *Sigh* I miss having a computer that works.
Anyway, I actually don't really know what to write about, so I guess I'll just be rambling on, touching some different subjects, but hey, that's

Update of my life (after far too long)

Hey Killjoys!
I'm back! Geez, it's really been a long time. I just checked, and the last I actually wrote a new blog, was on august 18. Insane, I used to be on here all the time, but somehow being on boarding school changed that. Maybe it's because I can't find the time to update, and my computer crashed. I don't know. Well, anyways, I'm back again and updating on my blog.
So, alot have happened, and I haven't told you guys anything about it.
Lets start from the beginning.
As you might have guessed, I'm at boarding school this year, which is really great. I love it and my roomie is great.

Awake [poem]

Hi everyone reading this
So, this is my newest poem, as always, with pics I think is fitting.
Please tell me what you think, it's called Awake

I can not sleep
I'm lieing awake
Tossing and turning
But I still can't sleep

It's late at night
The clock is ticking away
Soon it'll be midnight
And the date will change

It's a new day tomorrow
It's so close
And yet so far away
Feels like an eternity

The new day is close
But still far away
Just like you
You're here, but so far away

Do you even wanna be here?
Do you wish you wasn't?
Do you dream yourself
Far away from here?

If I was hurt
Would you care?


There was a wonderful Killjoy by the name of LisaisaUnicorn who posted a very sad blog entry saying "goodbye." WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!! I SAY WE SIGN THIS AND REPOST TO SHOW HOW MUCH WE CARE ABOUT HER AND WANT HER TO CONTINUE LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love her and she should not even THINK about EVER taking her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Signatures! <3

1:BulletproofRevenge (LOVE YOU! STAY STRONG!)
3: black riot (MCRmy's always there for you!)
4: Black Unicorn ( Stay strong, It will get better)
5: Jill The