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Coming Home

2007 was a hell of a long time ago now, and it was the year I first got into MCR at the tender age of 12. However as I got older and life started to change, less time was spent inside messing around with eyeliner and more became devoted to work and to getting more friends. And through this I was to move away from who I had been.
Firstly my best friend and I went our separate ways, to be politically correct about it all. She set me up with a friend of hers, and it went really well, so we started going out, which was the beginning of the end.

Happy Birthday Bandit-Lee!

I hope you have enjoyed your first year of life and that you enjoy the many more to come!!!


Hope all went well for you.
I had some sushi and sashmi* to celebrate.
Love and Hugs,
*I'm sorry if I spelt it wrong.....

Greetings!!! I have no idea if you know of this but in Engalnd at the moment a bunch of youtubers have started something called ChartJakers and themselves and all of there supporters have written this song and produced a video and shit. It's a really cheesy 80's based love song so it's not that amazing BUT ITS ALL FOR CHARITY. Basicly it's all for a charity called Children In Need and they want as many people as possible to listen to/buy the song of iTunes.
Sharing A Birthday and Smiling
Sharing a Birthday When I was little I used to think that every single person had there own personal birthday and I was really upset when I found at that it wasn't true. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that people hadn't stolen my birthday, they were just nice people.
So I got up really early this morning to go and see the Banksey exebition (like 5.30 early) and I was just going to put that i thought it was really good. If you haven't heard of Banksey he's an artist who graffiti's political messages about things that he feels pationate aout. It sounds a bit boring but it isn't. So google him if like the picture. There shots that i took earlier on today.