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Coming Home

2007 was a hell of a long time ago now, and it was the year I first got into MCR at the tender age of 12. However as I got older and life started to change, less time was spent inside messing around with eyeliner and more became devoted to work and to getting more friends. And through this I was to move away from who I had been.
Firstly my best friend and I went our separate ways, to be politically correct about it all. She set me up with a friend of hers, and it went really well, so we started going out, which was the beginning of the end. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I can tell you that we didn't end with a whimper but with a bang of furious arguments and the ripping apart of our entire friendship group. MCR had always been something that we shared and so loosing her made it harder to listen to them.

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Happy Birthday Bandit-Lee!

I hope you have enjoyed your first year of life and that you enjoy the many more to come!!!

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Hope all went well for you.
I had some sushi and sashmi* to celebrate.
Love and Hugs,
*I'm sorry if I spelt it wrong.....

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I have no idea if you know of this but in Engalnd at the moment a bunch of youtubers have started something called ChartJakers and themselves and all of there supporters have written this song and produced a video and shit. It's a really cheesy 80's based love song so it's not that amazing BUT ITS ALL FOR CHARITY.
Basicly it's all for a charity called Children In Need and they want as many people as possible to listen to/buy the song of iTunes. The charitly helps children who need medical care, or spend there lives taking care of a parent or dont have a home.
If you can be bothered please please please check it out and if you like it talk about it cos it really is a very good cause. If you like it tell all of your friends because all of the money goes straight to charity and the song is only 79p.(English pounds)
Thank you for reading,

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Sharing A Birthday and Smiling

Sharing a Birthday
When I was little I used to think that every single person had there own personal birthday and I was really upset when I found at that it wasn't true. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that people hadn't stolen my birthday, they were just nice people. Although I still do have a lot of fun on my birthday.
When I was in year 8 on my birthday one of my friends comes up to me and says "Guess whos birthday it is."
And i said "You remebered!!"
Then she said "Of cource I would, I'd never forget a thing about Mikey."
That leads me back to my first point, I love sharing a birthday with Mikey Way, it makes me fell all happy.


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Art, Graffiti, Banksey

So I got up really early this morning to go and see the Banksey exebition (like 5.30 early) and I was just going to put that i thought it was really good. If you haven't heard of Banksey he's an artist who graffiti's political messages about things that he feels pationate aout. It sounds a bit boring but it isn't. So google him if like the picture. There shots that i took earlier on today.