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Effing Sister

Me; you look girly
Sister; Yay
Me; no
Sister; you should look girly
Me; just tell me the day I wear pink nail polish, bright pink shirt, and a necklace that says love on it just tell me that day.
Sister; soon I hope caz this emo thing is getting old
Me; yeah that will happen (rolling my eyes)

PS I wear black nail polish, dark black shirts, and a MCR spider necklace

Simple Plan

Welcome To My Life.
Had this song in my head all day, not that im complaining. I love this song!!



I have to finish this essay(on middle ages) that is due tomorow but it just happens to be the most perfect day ever, weather wise anyway. So this sucks.



Just look at the pictures! lol


Ray Toro

Face it we all love Ray Toro's hair.<3


Will Everyone Die This Year?

So me and my friend have this never ending conversation about everyone will die this year and she has to be all smart about it and say that "The poles moving in an impossibility, the poles moving will cause the land to flood and change the magnetic force which will cause LOTS of natural disasters" and then I said “Then why did the Mayan calendar stop on 12/21/12 if the poles weren’t going to shift, and why is there volcanoes erupting that have never erupted before.” Then I left because my mom told me I had to walk home now. Comment, who u think is right?



I told my art teacher that my box was not dry yet but she puts it in the kiln any way so now the top of it (Mikey Way's helmet) is broken and it took me forever to make that. Then she was saying that I didn’t wedge it, but I did. At least the sides are intact, but I am still mad at her.


The Way I See It

i'm just real bored now......anyone else?