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Mikey Way

I totaly confused on what happening is the conventional weapons just some songs or is it the 5th album someone please explain!


Help Me Get Around This

so my school has this new dress code i wear skinny jeans t-shirts and hoodies and here is the dress:(Allowed)
Sleeved shirts – Oxford or polo, button-down, turtle-neck, t-shirts
Sweaters, sweater vests, blazers
Sweatshirts (without hoods); hooded sweatshirts may be worn to school but must be placed in a locker at the start of the instructional day
Loose fitting jeans, pants, skirts and dresses (at the knee)
Shorts must be close to the knee (Bermuda style or longer)
(Not Allowed)
Tops without sleeves (tank tops, halter tops, etc.)
Half shirts
Shirts with hoods
Shirts with inappropriate

I Thought This Would Be Appropriate

Because everyone (on this site anyways) is anxiously waiting for any news on MCR5 so I made these in red, black and white.



So my brother left today for college and I walk into his room feed his fish and start crying that’s when I realized I’m going to miss him so much. The most he ever left was like a few days but not a school year. I don’t have a car so it’s not like I can go visit him and he is like 4 hours away. I miss him so much right now and I probably will go in his room and try to wake him up the first day of my softmore year. softmore year is going to be horrible without him.


Needs To Happen Everywhere!!
Whats With The Hate!?!

I understand that its messed up that some people don’t know good music if it slapped them in the face but do we really need to start arguments about who took the name of that song or how much of a girl he looks like. We are all much better than the people who have bad taste in music. Where did the love go


MCR Day!!!

And Slash's birthday and Daniel Radcliffe's birthday, this day could not get any better


Mikey Way

does he look okay....the 1&2 pictures are the same drawing i just took a picture of it twice. I would have a better picture of it but my bitch of a teacher refused to get it back to me so all i have is a picture of it and it just happens to be the last day of school today so i will never get it back. Other that my teacher does he look okay i know there are some messed up parts but over all how does he look?


Kerrang Poster!

Anybody else see this magazine there is a huge poster of Ray in it. I so want it to bad, when I went to Barns and Noble of course they were out. just my luck