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on an unrelated note

some random stuff because it is rude to talk about someones life and you might not know the whole story. So everyone SHUT UP!


on an unrelated note

How about some random stuff, because it is rude to talk about someones life and no one really knows the real story so everyone just shut up!



I'm sorry that I’m using this website for advice on relationships... but there is this guy that I like but he went out with two of my best friends and I can't find a way to either date him (which would total screw up my friendship with him and my best friends) or forget about him (which I have been trying to do). So do you have any ideas to get him out of my head?



MCRmy! Please stop posting things like 10 times if no one comments on them the first time one will comment on them the 5th or 10th time, it just annoys me so much and I really hate it.



yup that's it.



so there is some stupid twiter thing for beaver fans what the hell is it about (#cutforbeiber) what ever it is it sounds stupid


did you know...

I was looking up Japan and I found out that there is a forest that is called suicide forest because it is the number 1 place for suicide in japan and I was looking it because I didn’t believe it and I saw a lot of pictures (look it up yourself) when I saw them I just started crying, the range per year is about 100 deaths, the most popular way to die is hanging themselves or drug overdose. There is also a sign before someone would enter it says 'Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Please think about your parents, siblings and children. Don't keep it to yourself.

please read

I can’t remember this bands name it’s something like 10 seconds to die but I have been looking it up for a while now and I can’t find it. The drummer has a beard and they play like suicide silence pleases tell me if you know



so on my Pandora account I always listen to My Chemical Romance station and every time I listen to it I hear at least 1 song from some random Disney movie and I just thought that was hilarious