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This is horrible but funnyish
Whats going on?

Everybody know that MCR broke up but remember MCR5 what happened to it? i really need to know because they were recording it but then they broke up did MCR5 just vanish with the band? i'm quite curious if anybody knows ANYTHING TELL ME PLEASE!!


i can't remember what that movie was named?

it was about a book that once wrote it that bad thing would happen, two girls found it in a cemetery and the brunette was really astonished with it and started writing things in it and she wrote something like have her both her legs broken then that girl got both her legs broken two cars ran into each other and that girl was in the middle. Then somehow that girl with the broken legs got the book and wrote that the brunette should die while chocking on her own vomit. The brunette's friend (blonde) then got the book back and some priest died because the blonde stabbed the book.

what the hell did he do to me?

Every time i see him it feels like I just ran 10 miles. I can't breath. I can't speak. My whole body aches. I just want to collapse and cry. Because I know I can't have him. He doesn't see the pain I cover it up like its not even there.


best worst day ever!!

some one please message me I really need some advice


i didn't say earlier



so i got a twitter and i'm bluevenom @KiljoyVenom follow me i'll follow you back



so i'm thinking about joining twitter and i want it to have a name like bluevenom but its already taken what should i do also i dont want to use my real name when it asks for full name

If you haven't seen it already I saw this too along with the shirt for a cure video look at #29 I died.


what to draw

So my friend wants me to draw something so she can paint it but I don't know what to draw and it can't be anything cliche or a person (face) .Any ideas?