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hey guys!

so my boyfriends birthday is coming up and I saw this I thought it was cool but I need another opinion Would any of you wear it like on a regular bases?



I hate it when there are people with curly hair but it looks like TV curly hair and I'm just here with the mop of curly mess on my head like what the hell can i do with it.
please tell me any way I can style my hair....the photo is my hair- it is a little messier than usual right now but not much of a difference


I don't Know why

I don't know why but today I found my self thinking back to my childhood and there was one memory playing back in my head: My kindergarten teacher asked the class ''who do you want to be?'' there were a lot of people who said Hillary Duff and one of the guys in that class said Jesse McCartney we laughed at that and I remember saying ''I want to be myself'' and the teacher asked why, I'm not exactly sure what I said but I think I said ''why would I want to be anyone else''
I just still can't believe that I can remember that...It is strange how memories work don't you think?
Maybe me

did anyone else notice this before?

did anyone else notice that rule number 4 is a quote from the movie 'bill and ted excellent adventure' and then again at the end of rule 5, which is the whole quote "be excellent to each other and party on dudes" I just find it so funny and I think that move is stupid and hilarious at the same time


Whats your favorite song?

I am having a backstreet boy binge with my friend and i want to know everyones favorite song by BSB
Don't judge me i love BSB (not more than MCR though)



my costume was inspired by Jeff the killer/ Jane the killer


anyone good at grammar?

Tell me what you guys think and please don't steal this I'm so in love with this one and i worked on it forever i kept making changes, I believe its my best yet


You did something to me
You made my knees give out with a single touch
I can see in your eyes you’re always thinking something lustful
only when you look at me
It sends a tingling feeling up my spine
I can almost feel your hands around my waist
Your lips on my neck
It makes me shudder
Your hand go up my back through my hair
you pull my head forward
press my lips against yours
I’d imagine they would be soft and gentle
Your tongue

stop the ignorance

"depression isn't just you beat it once its gone forever no this is something you live with"


So confused???

so there is this guy that is in my 1st class and i always get there super early because i like to get to school early and the guy get there about ten minutes after i do so we talk alot. then yesterday about a minute before the bell rang(for next class) i caught his eye and he just moved his eyebrows up twice then licked his upper lip. i just started laughing because i didnt know ho to react to that. then today he did it again when he asked help on math i ignored it then told him what he did wrong on his hw. I dont really know what this means so can someone explain it for me.