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I feel horrible there are so many people that I like and think i like/ love but i'm only hurting them/ myself but all I know is there are mainly 3 to 4 girls that are fighting over me 2 have my soul and the other 2 are just flirting with me to be nice to me.


i can't stop the feeling of wanting to hurt myself or use pills again and nobody knows that im detoxing of of tranquilizers from when I was hospitalized cuz they thought i was psychotic or some crazy shit like that.


oooooh mother what this war has done upon my sheens and to my tounge, you should of raised a baby GIRL i COULD OF /SHOULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER SON!!!!!

maaaaaaammmmaaaa; maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa maaaammmmmaaaa!!!!!

hello?! is any body here?! can you hear me?! please give me water i'm slowly dying hello just help me get me out of here, help me black parade

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Emo Vampyre boy has a GF

yep that's right i gots me a girl now

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Hello kids it's a fucking day to celabrate

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

it's 4/20 BRO

smoke that sticky lets get high

but ey man yoall smoke em up for me

i'll be chillin with the rituals and stuff

look at me i am a fucking princess

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I just got high for the first time

I kinda took too big of hits now im choking a little ish and im going back to dipping for a while and then picking up cigs if i can yeah i know it might kill me but wtf 2012 we all go to hell any ways

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are YOU playing THE GAME???!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!

cuz I JUST LOST WHICH MEANS you just lost the game now

fuck 30 minute peace interviel begins ..........................................................................................


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time for the soldiers to play truth dare strip or masterbate

im winning so far cuz i've been playing for about an hour of non stop masterbating

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"Friends List" People only (unless oyu want to be a new friend)

how many of my friends on my friends list still use this?!

im about to dlete profiles form my list

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quick while it lasts 11:11 PM

make a wish

the time thing here is messed up and idk how to fix it