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if you get a 100 you get a prize

.The computer
[x] I spent hours at a time on the computer.
[x] Without the computer, life would not be the same.
[x] I depend so much on my computer, if it broke down, I would cry.
[x] I have sooooo many pictures, files, games & other things saved on my computer.
[x] When I have homework or other responsibilities, I tend to go on the computer instead.
[x] I have been late to something because I couldn't get off the damn computer.
[x] My parents always say that they're 'going to take away my internet' because they know that would be the ultimate punishment.
Total: 7

Online chat/phone
[x] I have spent more than 6 hours talking on the phone.
[ x] My phone is practically attached to my ear.
[x] I have gone to sleep extremely late because I was up all time talking on the phone.
[x] My cellphone bill is too high.
[x] If my MSN/AIM/Yahoo, etc. won't allow me to sign in, I go crazy.
[x] I have over 200 online buddies.
[x] I met good friends, or even my best friend, online.

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you where there since the begginning you'll be there till the end

she entered my life not even knowing who i was but now she knows me liek a book and i love her she is everything i could ask for in a girl and then some mimzi you and me are meant to be and if anyone else has anything to say abotu it then they can say it to my face cuz i don;t care im in lurves wit you

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for little lornette

you are the girl of my dreams i think about you every day before i go to bed and when i wake up every time i get a message form you it makes me happy and makes me want to see you more and more.

i just can't stand a day not being able to talk to you

If i die tonight lord bring me back to life i just can't stand the fact of her not lieng next to me gosh i have taken my life for granted for what i have bleed my self dry look at the stars look how the shine for you and everything you do yeah and they where all yellow, and do you know you know i love you so do you know, you know i love you so and it was all yellow, sometimes i say i forget myself and sometimes i really don't know who i am but this time i can say i really found myself and it was all yellow

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this is my life

this is my life that i have never shown before somebody shake me cuz i i must be dreaming

i've tried to hold it together for 12 years but it's coming all down hill on me all at once and it fucking sucks.

these are my words that i've never said before, this is my smile that i've never shown before

and now that were here so far away.

for 12 years i've been holding my true emotions inside and hiding under one big lie for 12 years i have been trying to die trying to end my life for what?

there is nothing after you die or maybe there is that idfk im just sick and tired of this crap i want it to end.

i've been to the asylum over 14 times my entire life and it hasn't really helped i'm jsut going to end up back there in about 6 months or so.

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the panda bear soldier wants to play a game

so we are going to play a game and we ask each other questions about each other to know each other better kinda like playing 50 questions but it never ends

the headline explains it all im just not myself right now

I am a psychic medium and I practice witchcraft and if you don't like it im sorry but that's who i am and that's what makes me happy so i'm going to do what makes me happy.

and I just get bad vivid dreams and night mares sometimes form having a spiritual connection to some one so i just try to hold on knowing i have what's left to hold on to

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Scene/Emo kid feels bad

the Scene/ Emo kid is sorry for anything that has ever happened to any one and wants to say once again im sorry for anything that happend and i am taking a short time to say good bye and good night

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#2 soldier songs

second song

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all the *soldier fwends* stand and make it clear that we won't go down without a fight