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Title says it all I'm falling hard in a vicious love triangle I have my ex who has accepted me again but wants me to give her time to think things over.

Then you have my staff member from work, whose never going to date me but acts like she's intrested in me so I'm sitting here like da fuq?

Why cant I just be happy for once?

well well my lovelies here the predicament where in

4 things could happen in a turntable like this when you put your life on the line to take it all for a girl you love when the girl you love doesn't realize jsut how much you really love her.

1.) she could come through for you and she could go out with you and you becoem happy together

2.) she doesn't accept you and you go back into spiraling depression and suicidal ideation

3.) she cheats on you with another guy after being in a relationship with you

4.) she ignores you , you become depressed and you try to commit suicide, after which her finding out you did it over her, she gets freaked and

Time Changes, Best Friends Can Become Strangers

well you know it happens every now and then you have a best friend but they don't stay forever they leave and when they leave, they usually don't come back , but if they do when you cross paths again there like complete strangers to you.

they don't remember you, they don't answer your calls, nothing it's like you don't exist

how do I show you it's not the life it seems (I'm Not Okay)

I'm trying to win back the trust of my ex that I really want back but everything I say makes her mad

so why am I wasting my time can someone just tell me wtf girls are so complicated ?


well I knew it was bound to happen I have Bipolar type 2 Manic Depressive

and Seasonal Depression

I just went through a Manic phase and now I am in a state of psycotic Depression

and I'm sorta in a Crisis

no no I'm not saying I'm going to hurt myself or anything like that I'm perfectly safe

all I'm saying is that

I'm tired of being used

and what I mean by this is every girl I meet wants to date me and only date me for sex

why? why do they only want sex from me ? why can't I have a normal relationship?

and I don't know what religion to be anymore so I'm just whatever I give up

gnawr kill

So I'm kinda having theese weird thoughts about satan and death and shit like that

I'm not even a satanist or anything, I'm agnostic I don't know what to believe in

I don't know where any of you stand on this but I have become unstable because of it.

I feel like over dossing or something I need help but my parents won't listen

And if any of you fucking trolls get on here and say shit I'd love to see this actually happen to you


Fuck work, Fuck Politics, Fuck the government

I hate my Job, I hate the Government, I hate Society

rabble rabble rabble

They took my Job

Skylines and Turntables

You know how they say everyone is destined to find some one in there lives?

well I haven't found my calling and I don't know if I ever will (WTF is wrong with me?)

anyways I know I have alot of mistakes to fault and things I'm not proud of doing in the past but that shouldn't stop some one from not liking you? should it?

and so what if I explore my faith however the hell I choose atleast I'm not the child from the Omen

I just want someone that likes me for me and doesn't judge me, someone that accepts me for the fact that I'm Bipolar and wasn't the smartest kid in highschool

ffs I just want

I wish I had a GF

Ive been single for 6 months now I just wish I could have some one that could care for me

Merry Freaking Christmas

Hey everyone I know I havent been on here in a while I kinda forgot this place even existed still so here I am trying to catch up with everyone and say what I have to say I miss my friends from here and i really don't know what happend to half of them but if I could see them today it would make me happy