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So long and Good night.

Well my Uncle Emory, and Aunt Ceilia have passed away.

So I have two funerals to attend; the first one is Friday, for Uncle Emory. Idk when my Aunt Ceilia's will be.

But that's an update on what's going on.

On the flip side I am going to NASCAR race on the 28th and Monster Jam on the 5th of March.

So I have a busy month a head of me.

Valentine's Day

Another year I'll be alone, I wish I had someone to call my own.

But yet here I am all alone.

Will I ever find some one to call my own? Or am I doomed to walk this world alone?

Maybe someone from here will save me.....

But I doubt it.

Hey Guys

It's Blue ( Kevin)

I was Recently Discharged from the Psych Ward; And I'm Now Back Home, I'm Doing a lot better, though; I had gone to my dad's House and had spent the weekend with him ( Parent's are divorced); So after that, I went to My Brother's and His ( Fiance's) House, and got home way to late. It took me over 2 Hours to get home, when usually it takes 30 minutes.

I was really lost, confused; and scared.

So I got home and told my mom; I think I'm having an Anxiety Attack, and I'm getting a little paranoid and Having Hallucinations of demons telling me to hurt myself.

So I went to the

Blib Blarb Bleep

Hey guys so what's everyone up to????

I'm bored some one talk to me?


Update on life

So I had a Girl from a Group on Facebook Called Disabled Dating start talking to me, ( Since I'm Bipolar) but the girl ended up being a Catfish ( Fake) because all she wanted from me was my money and I doubt it was a real girl anyways.

Then I have me Ex ( Staci) who is always calling me up for happy fun time ( she has a fucking boyfriend though) I'm like you know I like you and you like me; but your bf would be pissed if he found out you fcked me.

And now my Ex ( Tiffany) who is married keeps randomly messaging me saying her Husband is Abusive towards her and she wants help but doesn't know

The sites back!

Hey guys/girls it's me BlueBurnsBlack

But one question with the site being back?

Can we message each other and comment on blogs?


Ummmmm Help!!!

Have My Chemical Romance been working on a new album? While representatives are keeping tight-lipped, reports have been circulating on the Internet. There have been strong rumors that the rock band is finally returning to the recording studio working on a what might be a back-to-roots album.

UPDATE 15/03/2015 : This story seems to be false. (read more)

According to a source, rumors of My Chemical Romance (Frank Iero and Gerard Way, ed) working in recording studio are true, with as many as eight songs having been put to tape.

All my Messages got deleted and the Community page Dissapered.

So If you have previously sent me any messages; then please re send me a Message otherwise feel free to add me or something.

Because everything is gone.

Comment on anything for "BlueBurnsBlack" (user)
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